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Babs In Blogland

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I was amazed!

What a wonderful thing! http://special.foxtrotdivision.com/increase I’ve been searching for it for ages! It’s incredible!

Babs In Blogland

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Kickin it Old School

Friends, I’ve been blogging at this address for nearly three years.  I’ve shared a lot with you as I journeyed into motherhood.  But as a friend once pointed out, I’m not a mommy blogger, I’m a mommy who blogs.

I feel slightly pigeon-holed in this space.  I don’t want to just write about motherhood, I want to write about any and everything.  And so, with that, I have decided to take up space at my old digs!

Babs in Blogland

I would like to apologize to everyone that follows me and will have to update their feeds, but I promise this is the last time I’m making any changes.  Even if I give up on life and join a nunnery, I’ll still be representing blogland over there.

So pop on over, take a look around and tell me you love it.  No really, leave a comment and tell me how you think it is as dope as I think it is!

See you on the flipside!

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Randomly Speaking

I’m currently addicted to turkey rollups.  Like, take a piece of turkey add a piece of cheese (currently using muenster) and roll it up.  No bread. No mayo.  No mustard. Just meat and cheese.

Weird, I know.


Did you see the OC Reunion Part 2 last night.  It was very satisfying.  Lots of gasps and clutching of pearls.   Gretchen whippin out those emails!  Tamara outing Vicki for vacation one-night stand!  It was great.


I met a guy recently that I’m feeling very lukewarm about.  I was going to go out with him, but I think I’ll pass.  I’m gonna need to be really excited about someone to leave my house after dark.


My young cousin is coming to stay with me this week.  I’ve been working hard to come up with fun and cheap things to do with him.  So far so good.  I think my biggest expense will be taking him to a professional soccer game, but it will be worth it.  He’s never seen professionals play and he is really good.  Regan is over the moon with excitement whenever I mention his name.


Speaking of Regan, she is still loving her weekly swim classes.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her listening skills.  She even can kinda sorta swim.  I don’t think she realizes she is doing it, but it’s very exciting for me.  I can’t wait until we get to the part where I don’t have to be in the pool with her. Me, all large and in charge in the pool, is not what’s hot.

I’ll leave you with a few pics from our most recent class.  Enjoy!

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Wine, Oh!

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to attend an event for the Yelp Elite.  In case you do not know, Yelp Elite are members who write good, often, funny, and/or cool reviews.  It’s an invite only kinda thing and I love being one of the chosen few.  I receive invitations each month for elite events, but I’ve never been able to attend.  All of the missed opportunities were well worth the wait because yesterday’s elite event was the coup de grace of elite events.

The Capital Grille (which happens to be one of my favorite restaurant experiences, and yes it is an experience) hosted the Yelp Elite for the Generous Pour wine tasting event.  Imagine me and my momma in a room full of people sipping on generous pours of the most delicious wines.  And imagine passed trays of mini crabcakes sandwiches, filet mignon and grilled vegetables.  Now imagine how sad I was when I had to leave!

My mom was so happy to be there.  She truly loves wine and got more out of the experience than most people there.  She was asking so many questions and showing so much knowledge that they were pouring her doubles!

Before we left I had to snap a pic with Kathleen.  She is our fearless leader and I am always seeing her name in my inbox.  I was happy to finally put a face to the name!

Before we left we grabbed our gift bags.  Inside contained two delightful chocolate confections.  I wish I had a pic to show you, but I wolfed those bad boys down in the car.

After we had our fill of wines, we wanted to sit down and have a little nosh before heading the airport.  Unfortunately, they were not open for service except for the elite event.  So we headed over the Atlanta Fish Market where we continued our wine-spree and had a couple of delectable appetizers- oysters rockefeller and lump crab fritters.

All in all, it was a great way to end the weekend and a great way to send my mom off into the friendly skies. 

Thanks to Yelp and The Capital Grille for hosting such an awesome event!  The Generous Pour Wine event continues until September 2.  Check it out!

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I just wrote this whole post about yesterday’s match and it disappeared. I hate when that happens!!!

Anyway, I’m not rewriting all that crap just to tell you we lost. That’s really all you need to know.

Shouts out to CaliSlim for coming out to support a girl and snap a couple of pics.

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Mom Vox Box 2012

I recently received the Mom Vox Box from Influenster.  As you may recall, I received one last year and really appreciate the opportunity to try new things.

This box included the following: Stash Tea, Nektar Honey Crystals, Quaker Soft Baked Cookie, Ivory Soap, ImPress Nails, Dentek Flossing Picks and a Dish Drying Mat.

Immediately I was excited about the Dish Drying Mat.  My grandmother has one and I’ve always liked it.  I, on the otherhand, have always used a papertowel to sit things on that need to dry.  Not a big deal since I really don’t wash things by hand, but I recently upgraded my knives and I have been instructed to hand wash them.  The Dish Drying Mat is right on time.  It’s big and can hold a lot of my knives, and it folds up easily when I don’t need it.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Stash Tea, and I’ve been drinking tea regularly ever since my summer cold a couple of months ago.  The Superfruits Tea Sampler flavors, though not normally my preference, are quite delicious.  I really like the Yumberry Blackcurrant.

Normally, I add honey to my tea, so when I saw the Nektar Honey Crystals, I was intrigued.  I was also pleasantly surprised.  One packet of the crystals was enough to sweeten my tea to my liking.  And I didn’t have to worry about the mess of a bottle of honey.  I will definitely be purchasing these in the future!

I’m not a fan of soft baked cookies.  Never have been.  I like packaged cookies with a little crisp.  So I decided to let Regan enjoy the Quaker Soft Baked cookie as a snack.  She, of course, loved it!

This morning, when I noticed my bar of soap was now a sliver, I grabbed my bar of Ivory Soap.  As soon as I opened it I was hit with nostalgia.  Ivory is what my grandmother has always used.  I could remember taking baths as a little girl with a bar of Ivory Soap.  It, of course, hasn’t changed at all.  I was squeaky clean and smelling great after my shower!

One of my other favorite products in the box was the Dentek Floss Picks.  These are great for keeping in my desk drawer at work or carrying in my cosmetics case in my purse.  And that is exactly what I do!

I really appreciate the opportunity to sample these great brands.  Thanks, Influenster for including me in this summer’s Mom Vox Box!


Necessary Legalities: As an Influenster, I was provided with samples of the aforementioned products.  I was not compensated to write about them.  All opinion expressed are my own.

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Babygate 2012

The dust has settled.  The body count has been taken.  And now I feel like I can write about what happened without getting all emotional and whatnot.

So my mom calls me Monday morning as I was driving to work.  She’s been having baby call me every day, so I answered the phone all happy expecting to hear my girl’s voice on the other end.  Instead it was my mom’s sleepy voice on the other end.  She said hello and that she wanted to let me know that they had stayed late at her sister’s house the night before and Regan had fallen asleep.  Rather than wake her, they put her in my cousin’s bed and my mom went home.  She said she was going to go back over there before she woke up.

*pause for dramatic effect*

Y’all, I almost drove off the monkeyfighting road.  I was incensed!  She left my baby at another person’s house in another town?!?  I was so stunned I couldn’t even say anything. 

“Are you there?” she asked.

I told her I had to call her back.  I figured cussing out my momma was not a good way to start off a Monday.  I did some breathing exercises and called her back about ten minutes later.  I was not any happier and I let her know.

She was clearly lying when she said she was going over there before baby woke up.  Number one, Regan is up before 8am every day and my mom didn’t call me until 815.  Second, she was still in the monkeyfighting bed.  Lastly, she lives 30 minutes away!!!

When I agreed to let Regan stay with her for a week, I agreed to let Regan stay with HER.  Not at someone else’s house.  I understand that it got late and baby fell asleep.  I even understand that they thought it best to leave her undisturbed.  But what I do not understand it why my mother thought it was okay to just go on home.  She should have spent the night, too.

Moreover, before making such a decision, she should have called the child’s mother.  I couldn’t believe (and still don’t) that it didn’t occur to her to run that past me.  All I could think about was that my child, who sleeps like a wild animal, would fall out of the high twin bed she was sleeping in and hit the hardwood floors.  I pictured her wandering out of the bedroom into unfamiliar space and falling down the stairs.  The house is three stories high!

Neither my mom nor my aunt agree with me.  Well of course they don’t, they were in the wrong.  My mom got all extra dramatic and was giving me her very best Erica Kane by telling me that I had ruined her day by being upset and that I had put a dark cloud over the weekend.


I really couldn’t care less that she was upset.  You don’t leave someone’s child in another town without checking with them first.  You just don’t do that.

Suffice to say, mom is getting the side eye of the century.  She will likely not be taking Regan away again for a very long time.

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Randomly Speaking

Not a lot to say, post baby-free weekend.  It wasn’t nearly as exciting as it probably should have been, but it was good nonetheless.  Friday night and most of Sunday were both devoted to tennis.  Can you believe I was at the courts until 11pm on Friday?  I had so much fun but let me tell you, I was sore when I got home.  I contemplated soaking in the tub, but I figured it would take forever to fill that thing up and I knew I could shower and be fast asleep in the same amount of time. 


I might have to play next week.  I told them I’m cool with not playing, as I don’t want to negatively affect our standings.  We are set for the playoffs, so I think they are okay with losing.


Lots of death with people I know.  It makes me uneasy.  Today my coworker’s nephew died.  He has been dealing with breast cancer, yes HE, and has been in hospice for the last couple of months.  Really sad.


I am currently obsessed with the iced tea from QT gas station.  Bt-dubs, their beverage station is more like an experience.  It’s huge and there a kazillion choices.  They even have different types of ice.  I actually went out of my way to get a cup of mango tea this morning on my way to work.  It’s 49 cents worth of deliciousness, I tell ya.  And the people are friendly.


I would like to do one or more of the following things before the summer is over:

whitewater rafting
mystery dinner theater
private karaoke party
host a kid-free house party

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Gone, Baby, Gone

How was your Fourth?  Mine was great.  I mean, as great as a mid-week holiday with oppressive heat and a sick baby can get.  The first half of the day was spent like this:

In the afternoon, when I started grilling hot dogs and bacon cheddar burgers, I peeped a house full of handsome goodlookings a couple of yards over.  My suspicious eye went up at the fact that there didn’t seem to be any women in sight, then one of them got a little flirty FROM TWO YARDS OVER and I seriously considered ditching my mom and my baby to go over and see what the happs were.  That baby, however, had other plans for me.  Seems she got a fever and was feeling under the weather.  She didn’t even want to play in her new water table or run through the sprinklers. 

So I hot footed it down to the drug store for some meds and came home.  The evening included lots of snuggles and kisses and prayers that the fever would go away cause I needed to be free.  What do I mean?

Yesterday, Regan got on a plane and went to New Jersey for a whole week.  FREEDOM!!!

I had been looking forward to my mini-break for weeks, but when I took them to the airport I actually started to cry.  Last night when she called me on FaceTime, I cried some more.  I totally wasted night one of baby freedom.  I didn’t laze by the pool, I didn’t have a cocktail, I didn’t even cook dinner.  I was actually in the bed at 730pm on a Thursday night.

Tonight I have tennis so at least I can go to practice and not worry about getting home at a decent time.  Tomorrow I need to come up with something fun to do.  Mayhaps I’ll go see the movie with nekkid menz in it.  Yes, I know it’s supposed to be bad, but I likely cannot pass up a chance to see Cha.nning Ta.tum do the pe.nis pop.


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