Randomly Speaking

I am registered at Target and Babies r Us under my government name.  For those of you that have inquired, but might not know my government name, please send me an email.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness!


I saw the diaper bag that I posted last week.  It’s way bigger in person than it looks.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.


My eye has been twitching for about four days.


If you are easily skeeved about public restrooms, don’t get pregnant.  I have used every single restroom from here to Tallahassee.  Some not so nice, others down right nasty.  But when Foxy is pushing on my bladder, I would tinkle in a ditch if I had to!


I need a day off from work, but I’m saving all my vacation and sick time.  Boo!

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One Response to Randomly Speaking

  1. Mrs TDJ says:

    The restroom thing was a challenge! One neat trick – scope out hotels. The restrooms are almost always clean and very close to the entrance.

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