Uh, I kinda snapped at my doctor’s office today.

It was my monthly visit to see my hematologist.  I dread going to this monthly visit because it always takes so long.  Each and every time I leave this office, I am in a bad mood.  It doesn’t make sense to me why I should be there upwards of 90 minutes when I purposely schedule the first appointment of the day.

These people do not respect my time, and that is highly unacceptable.

So, after sitting in the exam room for FORTY MINUTES, I put on my coat and walked out the door.  They had already drawn my blood, so I figured if there were any problems they could just call me.

Ten minutes after I left, my phone rings.

“Hi Babs, it’s Dr. G’s office.  We were wondering where you went.”

“Yeah, I sat in the exam room for 40 minutes blah blah blah.  You don’t respect my time.  blah blah blah.  I’m not rescheduling. blah blah blah.  And I’m NEVER COMING BACK!”

“Oh, okay.  I’ll let them know.”

So I am seething mad, but I refuse to go back there.  My OB will just have to take my blood her dammy her send me somewhere else.

My time is precious.

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14 Responses to Snapped

  1. Barista says:

    I don’t blame you! I got made just reading this. I think it’s so rude to make a patient wait at the dr’s office, but it seems to be the norm…I guess because most people just wait.

  2. Gladys says:

    That’s how I ended up with a new gyne several years ago. I was waiting for about an hour in the reception area. Went up to complain and they immediately sent me to an exam room. PA came in and spoke to me for a bit and told me to get undressed and to put on the paper gown. Then she left. For about 30 minutes. I was putting on my clothes when she knocked on the door and asked was I ready. I said yes and when she walked in, I was about to walk out til she started apologizing profusely. I finished my visit and never went back.

  3. Mrs TDJ says:

    I don’t blame you one bit. So many offices are horrible about valuing their patients time. And, seriously, at an OB/GYN office? Don’t they know that pregnant women can get violent? *lol*

  4. ames says:

    You should only have two more appointments. My ob referred me to a hem during pregnancy- I thought he was great. I had pretty lengthy waits but he had a huge oncology practice. He did nothing for me but he seemed to calm my obs nerves.
    When I had my first it might have been total chaos without the hematologist.

  5. ames says:

    Actually my ob said it was chaos, the hem came and helped them develop a plan. Its good to have a doctor familiar with blood.

  6. AR Gal says:

    This is a total pet peeve of mine. I don’t blame you one bit. I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve heard that complaint.

  7. Tazzee says:

    Wait, she didn’t even apologize for you having to wait so long? That sucks!

  8. Honest says:

    I too got mad reading this. They would charge you if you were late how about covering my co pay if I’m on time but you’re 30 minutes late. I think if more patients walked out and/or raised a fuss they’d get w/ the times. It’s like going to a black hair salon in the ‘hood! Just grates my nerves.

    • cbean says:

      I totally agree with you Honest. I had to wait 45mins for my doctor to tell me something she could have told me on the phone. 10mins later I was out a $30 copay. And they mess around and don’t collect the money until afterwards. I will not pay next time. Sue me. That is freaking ridiculous to wait so long.

  9. trish says:

    I hate this too! We won’t even mention the wait at the hair stylist!

  10. tanyetta says:

    I don’t blame you!!!!! That is just crazy.

  11. peachberry says:

    So, I work for a physician. And I don’t blame you at all. In fact, I wish more people would do this. Instead of huffing and puffing and getting upset with the office staff who have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WHY THINGS ARE RUNNING BEHIND, try getting upset with the actual provider. And telling them about it. So if it happens again, please stay and speak your mind to the provider. I’ve been on my soapbox about this for, hmmm, the past 4 years. We are all human beings…a physician when to medical school, but hey, you went to school for something else. They’re experts in their area of medicine, but guess what, you’re an expert in your field. Your time is valuable just like theirs, and I bet they’d be pissed as hell if the same thing happened to them! So I’ll sit over here just hoping, hoping, that more patients will get up the nerve to, politely, speak their minds.

  12. BK says:

    that is absolutely ridiculous.. I hope you are able to get this resolved and make it through the remainder of your pregnancy without the stress of this

  13. busybodyk says:

    I think you did the right thing. I’ve done this before and when my doctor called after I left I told her I wasn’t coming back. I really loved her and even drove across town to see her but I felt disrespected when this happened over and over again.

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