Styles Foxy Won’t be Rockin’

It might surprise you all to know that when it comes to the rearing of children, Babs is quite conservative.  I am always seeing babies and little girls wearing something I think is a tad bit inappropriate.  Some things are widely popular, and I know I will be in the minority.  Others are more outrageous and obvious baby-fashion don’ts.

Infants in Headbands

This is a style I have never quite understood.  I guess people want to make sure their child is recognized as a girl, but I have never liked them.  To me they look quite ridiculous.  They also look restrictive to a baby’s new little head.  That is, of course, when they aren’t falling off all the time.

Infants with Ears Pierced

I really find it unnecessary to pierce a newborn baby’s ears.  I know this is very popular with parents, but I find it to be very selfish.  After all, the girl isn’t asking to have her ears pierced.  It is solely for the parents pleasure.  Personally, I’d like to wait to have Foxy’s ears pierced until she is about 13.  I’m sure that’s not likely with today’s children and tweens, but I don’t see the necessity before that age. 

Beads in Hair

Unless little Foxy wants to be Venus or Serena for Halloween, she will not be wearing beads.  I never had them in my hair (thanks be to my mommy) and she won’t either.

Baby Heels

No explanation needed.  And if you think this style is even remotely cute or appropriate, kindly remove me from your reading list.

Leopard Print Baby Clothes

I just don’t like it.  No reason.

What popular styles for babies and children do you not like?

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22 Responses to Styles Foxy Won’t be Rockin’

  1. amyg says:

    omg. I do not even know what to say 🙂 You crack me up 🙂 I have never seen the baby heels before. Pure comedy!!

  2. Nerd Girl says:

    Baby heels? Where do you find this stuff?

    Lovegirl wears beads in her hair and had her ears pierced when she was 3. I said I wouldn’t pierce her ears until she asked – I foolishly thought she’d be 10 or 11 when she asked.

    I agree with the rest of your list. Especially those headbands!

  3. Gladys says:

    I laughed at the beads and baby heels!!! Why would someone even make shoes with heels on them for kids/babies??? I had beads as a kid because I got my hair braided a lot. However, I don’t see it as often anymore. Maybe it was an 80s/90s thing. I have no problem with the earrings. My and my sisters’ ears were pierced as infants and so were my nieces’ ears. I like how little/baby girls look with their ears pierced. Too cute! Some friends have a baby girl and she’ll be a year in July and folks always ask if she’s a girl or boy. Poor thing still doesn’t have any hair, but is cute as a button. Reminds me of me as baby. My mom had to tape a ribbon to my sprig of hair. The earrings helped to identify my sex. The baby headbands? Eh..indifferent.

    Things I don’t like on a baby/child – all them damn plaits in a kid’s head with a gazillion barrettes everywhere! Little boys with earrings and/or ponytails. No. Cut that baby’s hair!

  4. keyalus says:

    I don’t mind the earrings. I don’t know that I would pierce my baby girl’s ears but I don’t mind. I know my mom had mine done when I was 6 weeks old!

    I definitely rocked the beads in my hair in the 80s. I remember my mom braiding my hair and putting the foil on the ends for the beads to stick through LOL.

    I don’t like those baby girl headbands/hats with flowers as big as the child’s head. I don’t like tutus. I don’t like pink. Maybe I’m just not girly enough. Thank goodness I had a boy!

  5. ames says:

    I want to get my daughters ear pierced when she asks. I hope she is a teen and we can have a ladies day with lunch and shopping. That’s how my mom did with me. I didn’t do newborn hair accessories but after so many people calling my girl a he I bought some.

    I refuse to be the mom who braids my baby’s hair with extensions.

    I can’t say what I will never do though because these kids haze you through sleep deprivation and before you know it, you are doing things you never expected.

    Oh yeah, the extensions are a big NO. So much stress on the precious hairline!

  6. sundaze says:

    I don’t like little boys with long hair and/or braids. I’ve heard some people refuse to cut a boy’s hair before he is a year old. It looks awful to me. If baby boys didn’t have so much daggone hair, baby girls wouldn’t need headbands and earrings. (Until then I’m pro-earring, btw.)

    I would shave my baby boy BALD before I even thought about putting his hair in a ponytail.

  7. Petite Pearl says:

    LOL at the baby heels. I’m not a huge fan of the headbands either. My Mom had my oldest sister’s ears pierced because she didn’t have much hair until she was 2. So with her next two kids I think she just did it early.

  8. Barista says:

    Those baby heels are too much! I have never seen such a thing. Agree with you on the earrings, too.

  9. Honest says:

    Forget the heels. Did you see the muscles on that little girl lol!

    the heels look funny and I’m hoping she can’t walk yet either way not something I’d put on my child.

    I will however, pierce my baby girl’s ears when the time comes. My mom waited until I asked (I asked at 5) mainly because she didn’t want to have to deal with it and she sent me to my grandmother.

    I had beads in my hair but only the a few at the bottom of the braid not the entire braid. I am an 80s child.

  10. missmajestic says:

    I don’t like the headband thing. A dress, pink bows, etc is enough to tell if the baby is a boy or girl. I had my ears pierced at 2 months. My mom has a pic memorialized the event. I had additional holes done as a teen. Yep, the teen holes are closed up now. Ouch. I remember how bad it hurt (to me) Yeah I think I’d prefer to have that done when I couldn’t remember what it felt like. Wait, a baby still feels it, they just can’t speak about it or remember it. Some doctors offices do it. But I like the way little baby girls look with studs. I think its sort of a cultural thing as in its expected (for some) to pierce a baby girls ears when they are young. Most of girls/women in my family had theirs done as babies.
    No one under 12 should be wearing heels IMO. Or fake hair.
    I did rock the beads, only in the summer and only 3 at the bottom.
    I hate little baby boys with plaits. HATE IT!! don’t get why people do it or why they think its cute.

  11. Coco says:

    I completely agree with you on the headbands. When I was in high school my Anatomy/Physiology teacher told us not to put those things on your child’s head b/c your child’s skull is still soft. The skull is still developing and why would you put that on your little one’s developing skull? I don’t remember much from science classes but I remember that to this very day.

  12. S23 says:

    If I had a daughter, I’d pierce her ears as early as possible. Simply b/c I would not want her getting older and have to feel how the piercing hurts. Plus I thnk all little girls should have earrings. I got my hair braided every summer and had beads on the ends. I actually smile now when i see little girls with them now. If I had a daughter, she’d be getting the same done during the summers.

    • Ames says:

      I was about 12 and my ear piercing did not hurt. It was a quick zap/pinch. I was about 18 when I got my ear cartiledge pierced and that hurt like heck.

  13. Rehab says:

    Cosign alla dat!! Add to the list infant bikinis! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s children dressed as adults.. Whenever I see a little girl with a two piece that would be more fitting on an adult, I cringe a little. The over sexualization of children is so pervasive today. Children have their entire lives to be adults. Let kids be and look like kids.. //end rant

  14. doahleigh says:

    Agree. Agree. Agree. Agree.

  15. Laughing808 says:

    thanks for the saturday afternoon chuckle…..I can’t say I disagree with you on any of these……although I did oder Lil Foxy some baby blue baby heels, ROFL…..guess you’ll have to return those.

  16. Barrister says:

    I hate to see toxic nail polish on babies. My grandmother doesn’t think babies should wear black.

  17. Sissy says:

    I’m pretty conservative by nature as well, so I agree with every thing you said! Long hair and ponytails for boys is also a no in my book – get that hair cut!

  18. Ms. Smart says:

    My god-mother was watching me and she took me to get my ears pierced. I think I was only a few months old.

  19. juli says:

    Question. If foxy was a boy would you have him circumsized?

    Without a doubt.

  20. Ms.K says:

    My baby girl has her ears pierced in February right before she turned 4 months old. She never got mistaken for a boy because she’s so freaking adorable! lol But I had mine done as baby and as did all the women in my family so I knew if I ever had a baby girl she’d have hers done too. She took it like a champ and winced a bit but got over it really quickly. Later that day she didn’t even mind that I touched her ears to rotate her earrings.

    My little girl also wears headbands. They are soft and very cute on her and they don’t fall of her head at all. And they sure as hell won’t hinder the growth of her scull lmao. She gets loads of compliments when she wears them and people always ask where i got them from like I had them special made or something lol. Taget!

    She also has 2 shirts that are pink and brown giraffe print. I didn’t buy them and I’m not a huge fan of animal print but they look really nice on her. So I was once opposed but I guess if the colors are right she can wear them.

    I like beads on little girl, just not THAT many. The ones in the picture are excessive lol.

    The baby heel thing is a no go. YIKES and I don’t like little boys with those little poof balls in their heads. Now if his hair is long enough for a NEAT ponytail then I’m okay with that. But a nice fade on a little boy is always very handsome. I’m not a fan of 2 piece swim wear on babies. Definitely not a fan of toddlers who still suck Binkys and out in public at that. Gonna toss my little girls away by the time she hits a year if not sooner.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of baby Phat for babies until some people got my baby some things for my shower. They were all TOO CUTE. And my mother just got her a pink and black baby phat sweat suit that I LOVE. So I guess now I can say I don’t hate it. I just don’t buy it for her myself lol

  21. KJ says:

    No headbands, urban wear, baby heels or animal print. (I don’t even agree with animal print clothing for adults but that’s just me.) I was 9 when I got my ears pierced and I was with my aunt. I called my mother to see if it was ok and she said yes. I did have beads during the summer when I got my hair braided between ages 6 and 9 but only a few at the ends (I, too, am an 80’s baby). If I had a daughter I would not put beads in her hair now though.

    I don’t like to see a boy/man of any age with hair/braids.

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