What, if any classes, did you take during your pregnancy?

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8 Responses to Classless

  1. Nerd Girl says:

    The hospital childbirth class and infant CPR.

  2. najalimu says:

    We’re enrolled in the Bradley course.

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    I’m taking a pregnancy pilates class. Does that count? I haven’t signed up for my other classes yet.

    Are you taking the one at Smyrna Pilates that starts this Monday?

  4. Lori F says:

    The hospital childbirth class.

  5. Mrs TDJ says:

    Infant CPR and a class on nursing.

  6. Deljah says:

    Infant cpr, breastfeeding, natural childbirth (one weekend intensive).

  7. keyalus says:

    An independent childbirth class (Birthing From Within/In Awareness), HypnoBabies home study, prenatal yoga.

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