22 Weeks Later

The other day I sat in a room full of pregnant women.  We were making small talk about our pregnancies, asking about due dates, hospitals and whatnot.  We had a camaraderie because we were all first time mothers.  You could see the excitement in all of our faces.

As I was recounting this story to Tim, he reminded me of the first time I was in a room with a bunch of pregnant women.  I was just six weeks pregnant and we were getting our first ultrasound.  It was the ultrasound that would confirm we had a viable pregnancy.  I felt as if a dark cloud were hanging over me.

I sat in a stupor as the women chatted about their upcoming due dates.  When they turned their excited eyes on me and inquired about my due date, all I could say was, “I’m still waiting for my period.”

It’s amazing how my attitude has changed and my excitement has progressed over the last few months.

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4 Responses to 22 Weeks Later

  1. CaliSlim says:

    “all I could say was, ‘I’m still waiting for my period'”

    😆 Only you Babs!

  2. Barrister says:

    Tim seems to be a real salt of earth type of guy. It certainly shows how much things have changed in your life.

  3. Barrister says:

    salt of the earth

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