Last night, Tim took me to the market to buy a few groceries.  Yes, he is a sweetie, although I think he secretly was trying to get me to stop feeding his daughter chick-fil-a sandiwches with extra pickle and mayonaisse.  Mmmmmm!

We picked up some staples to get me through the work week, which included a few lean cuisines (butternut squash ravioli is my favorite), bananas, apples and cereal.  I got excited when I saw a basket of kumquats.  I discovered them last fall when we were visitng his grandmother and loved them.  I wasn’t sure how much they were so I just grabbed a handful and put them in my basket.

Today I was standing at my desk getting ready for my next feeding to have a snack when I decided to have my kumquats.  My coworker asked what they were and I told her.  I told her how I had them for the first time a few months ago and was excited to try them again.

“Let me have one,” she demanded.

I told her no that I only had 8.  She didn’t say a single word.  Just rolled her eyes, turned around and walked away.  I’ve been given the silent treatment all afternoon.

Really?  You aren’t speaking to me because I wouldn’t give you some of the food my man bought for me?  It’s not like she even ASKED for one.  She demanded.  Are we in the third grade?

This is a person that is old enough to be my mother.  And YES, this is also the person that got mad when I wouldn’t burn a copy of my Sade CD.  The people I work with are nuckin futs, I tell ya!

Of course some of you would probably say this is just another case of me not showing any compassion.  But I’m inclined to not share my fuggin snacks if I don’t feel like it.

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8 Responses to Sharing

  1. You know I can’t stand you right? LOL! And in this case, I wouldn’t have shared my effing kumquats either. She can suck a fat one.

    (And YOU BETTA CARE. I will catch a flight to ATL!)

  2. jamie says:

    Right before you eat one, squeeze it slightly until you see little droplets appear on the skin then pop it into your mouth, there’s something about releasing the oil and scent that intensifies the flavor.
    Now If I take the time to do this to each and every kumquat do you think I would have shared one with her?
    NO, NO, NO! She can buy her own kumquats, burn her own damn CD and…. suck a fat one!

  3. Barista says:

    I don’t share food. Period. Fastest way to lose a hand around me.

  4. Ms. Smart says:

    WTF ever. She knows she’s wrong. You never ask, or demand, food from an expecting mother. It’s rude. If anything you spend more time making sure that if you whip out food you always offer the expecting mother some.

  5. turquoisesha says:

    Ummm I’ma need her to step back. Fruit is expensive nowadays anyway. She betta go get her own!

  6. AR Gal says:

    As soon as you said she told you to give her one, I just KNEW that was the same broad. Bwahahahahahaha

  7. missmajestic says:

    Sometimes you need to wait until you are offered. that is bold and greedy

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