Why I Don’t Share…

Tim has asked me to refrain from using such words as c0cksucker in light of the fact that I am carrying his daughter, but…


Today I came to work armed with a banana and some milk.  All morning long I had been thinking about the bowl of cereal I was going to eat when I got to work.  I dropped my purse off at my desk, used the ladies room and came back for a yummy breakfast.

I picked up the box of honey chex sitting on my desk and when I opened it to pour a bowl, this is what I found…

Someone has been eating my cereal!  And not only that, but they only left me a biteful.  Who, praytell, would dare steal food from a pregnant woman?


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23 Responses to Why I Don’t Share…

  1. V Renee says:

    Every time I see the word c0cksucker, it makes me laugh!! Rotflmao

    • jamie says:

      me too! it reminds me of the George Carlin bit- “now-a-days C-sucker means a bad man, but when I was young it meant a good woman”.

      do you think babies in the womb can hear the words their parents speak while they are waiting to be born?

      Jamie, I’m a lady! I never say it! I just think it and write it. 😉

  2. Petite Pearl says:

    Oh Lawd, “Tiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm!” Please report to Bab’s plantation immediately. We don’t want her to get fired!

  3. jamie says:

    confront the kumquat coveter and while she’s denying it, pop her in the eye, she won’t be expecting a sucker punch from a pregnant woman.

  4. Gladys says:

    I’m pissed and it’s not even my cereal! Who does that?? A$$ wipes!

  5. CaliSlim says:

    Look! There’s a note!

    Dear pregnant heffa,
    Next time share those kumquats, biyatch!
    Signed, your bitter hungry co worker

    😆 Sorry Babs.

  6. Barista says:

    WTF!? That bitch totally ate it.

  7. onefromphilly says:

    Yea..that bytch took your cereal! Don’t eat any of it she might have spit on it. From now on lock your stuff up and don’t use the fridge either. Bring your stuff from home and take it home at the end of the day. DAYUM..DYUM..DYUM

    I am crackin the hell up over how we all blaming that begging broad. LMAO 🙂

  8. Jack says:

    John does the same thing to me all the time and I want to wring his neck!

  9. AR Gal says:

    OMG….really??? You know it wasn’t anybody but that crazy bitch!!! She has got some fuckin’ nerve!!!!! You need to make her a sign so that she has something to read next time she swings by to steal your shit.

    Dear Butterfingers,

    Sorry to disappoint as I’m sure you were looking for your, excuse MY, cereal that you are used to partaking in each day. Because of your deviant ways, I am now locking up my valuables since you obviously have no idea ‘what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours’ really means. Just in case you are still confused….GET YA OWN HOE !!!



  10. brannon says:

    wow, that took some real nerve to eat someone’s food without permission and leave only a spoonful.

    so, is the begging co-worker acting suspicious? did you confront her?

  11. Honest says:

    People are asswhipes. How dare they.

  12. Deljah says:

    I probably would’ve started shaking and burst into tears. And then….there would’ve been a serious discrepancy in the office!!!

    Go ahead and nut up, Babs! You can blame it on the hormones, lol!

  13. justJENN says:

    This is insane, I can’t believe someone would do this, rude!

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