Shower Me with Your Love

Preparing to arrive at the shower

The family shower this past weekend was phenomenal.  Truly phenomenal.  It far exceeded any expectations I could have possibly had.  I am still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love shown to me, Tim and our growing family.

My aunts and cousins came from all over- New Jersey, Chicago, Maryland and all points in between.  It has been probably a decade since we had all been together, and that was at a funeral.  It is such a blessing to be able to come together for something so wonderful.

My hometown friends, Lori F and AmyG were even able to come.  It was so great seeing the both of them!


The shower was given by my mother and when I tell you she has been planning this event her whole life since last October, I am not at all exaggerating.  And it showed.  She left no detail unchecked.  Everything was done with lots of thought.

Let them eat cake!

The food, the cake, the games, the gifts.  Heck, even the bottled water was personalized with my name.  It was perfect.

I love a clean baby!

The weather in Anytown was perfect.  Absolutely perfect!  Which is a good thing, because part of our activities took us outside.  We made quite a scene on the lawn!

At the end of the day, I had to sit back and think of how blessed this baby is.  Not because of all of the generous gifts that were given, but because of all of the genuine love and excitement that everyone has for her arrival.

I am so thankful for this baby and for the family and friends that were present to help celebrate.

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14 Responses to Shower Me with Your Love

  1. ms.k says:

    That is beautiful. Is this ur moms 1st grandchild? Loved my baby showers and the pregnancy had me so emotional I cried at them both lol

  2. amyg says:

    It was such a fun shower! Your mom did the best job! I cannot get over it! All of the personal stuff was icing on the cake…and don’t get me started on the cake 🙂 I really had a great time and was sad when I had to go! Your family seems like so much fun…

  3. brannon says:

    Everything sounded and looked very nice! So happy you had a wonderful shower.

  4. Ames says:

    Your family shower sounds wonderful!

  5. Jack says:

    Loved the photos on FB but one question, why is it that your mom is never in the pictures? Looks like she threw you a great party!

    Mommy is not too keen on having her face on the innanets.

  6. busybodyk says:

    That’s so sweet! This gave me an idea of how my mom might be when I have her first grandchild. And you looked great!

  7. Lori F says:

    I had such a wonderful time as well & it was great to see you & your family after such a long time! And Tim is every bit as wonderful as you describe! That was, seriously, the nicest baby shower I’ve ever attended and you can tell how much time & effort was put into every.single.detail! Now I’m just that much more excited about having mine next weekend 🙂

  8. AR Gal says:

    Get ready Foxy, you’re about to be put into spoil overload! 🙂

  9. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I am happy that it turned out so well.

    But on the for real for real, how can I get a piece of that cake???

  10. Honest says:

    You look great!

  11. t. sheree says:

    Very nice! I love that dress.

  12. doahleigh says:

    Beautiful! Glad you had such a great time.

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