Blogger’s Note:  Tim reads my blog daily, so he is fully of aware of what I am about to say.  And I love him.  Usually.

I love Tim.  I do I do I do.  But sometimes that man gets on my monkeyfighting nerves!  I’m sure it’s mostly due to my raging pregancy hormones, or maybe I am just a major b-i-t-c-h, but there have been a few times during this pregnancy when I kinda wanted to bash his head in.

Take last week for instance.  I needed to do some laundry so I unloaded the dryer because, you know, I often use it as a dresser.  I asked him to bring the laundry basket upstairs and he did.  I dumped the clean clothes on the bed and added dirty clothes back to the basket.  A few minutes later I asked him to take the basket downstairs.  He looked at me slightly confused and said, “didn’t I just bring it upstairs?”

My response was something along the lines of, “yes, but I need to do another load.” 


Isn’t it a good thing I censored myself and brought it down a notch?

Were you a little ‘extra’ when you were pregnant?  How did you keep from pushing your significant other off of a cliff?

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23 Responses to Venting

  1. AR Gal says:

    Men always have a way of testing our patience. Like things that would seem to be common sense to us as women doesn’t even occur to them. *sigh*

  2. onefromphilly says:

    Actually up until those contractions started twisting my uterus into a pretzel, he was pretty safe. But during labor he almost lost the left side of his head to a swift drop kick! He thought he was helping but he was annoying me by telling me I wasn’t breathing correctly!!!!!! If I could have twisted that IV around his neck I would have.

  3. Nerd Girl says:

    Nah, Smoochy didn’t catch much hell. He may remember things differently 🙂

    I only remember really going off and that was on some random dude who honked his horn at me while I was waddling across a parking lot in 100+ temperatures, nine months pregnant. I stopped, cussed him out, told him to hit me if he was in that big a hurry, and stood there and glared at him……yeah, not my finest moment.

  4. Mrs TDJ says:

    Yep, I was a madwoman and hubby caught it 24/7. I’d always simmer down within seconds and apologize, but he caught it. In retrospect, it might have been the thing that really cemented the relationship that he has with my mother. They’ve always liked each other, and begun to love each other a few years ago, but during my pregnancy, he would call her to try to understand why I was so mean to him. *lol*

  5. Petite Pearl says:

    I’ve had a few of these moments. I can’t say J was really at fault though. He tends to give me what I want and stay out of my way to keep the peace. I’ve actually been more impatient with people at work. Now they have really worked my nerves!!

  6. sherri says:

    Actually, your response doesn’t seem extra to me at all. 😉

    Sorry to tell you but you will not be normal again for at least the first year after you give birth. At least that’s what I’ve been told. It may actually be longer. Actually, you may never return to normal.

  7. ms.k says:

    I was pleasant my entire pregnancy. No mood swings or anything but I’m typically pretty even tempered in general(except when driving don’t judge me! Lol) so I didn’t pop off on anyone.

  8. Sumthought says:

    Do you know you make me laugh AT LEAST every other post?
    Good Times! So glad you’re still sharing them with us…

  9. dmac says:

    If you think its bad now….just wait til Foxy gets here. Hormones, lack of sleep, always being hungry while trying to lose the last of the baby weight can make for a cranky mommy.

  10. Jack says:

    I got nothing to say but you had me LMAO in my office and my co-workers staring at me like I’m crazy.

  11. amyg says:

    I am CRACKING UP 🙂 and if Tim reads the dmac and Keyalus comments he may cry 🙂

  12. justJENN says:

    man, this is hilarious!

  13. brannon says:

    hey, i’m a little ‘extra’ and i don’t have any children 🙂 happens at least once a month. my poor boyfriend…

  14. trish says:

    My bf can tell when my Aunt is visiting. I never notice I’m being snippy but he calls it everytime!

  15. CaliSlim says:

    Uh…you’re in a relationship. I’ve never been pregnant but there are times where my s/o has driven me mad too. No need for the disclaimer, we know you love that dude, dude. 😉

  16. juli says:

    My guy cheated on me and then disappeared for 11 months while I was pregnant with our second child so I would have cried with joy for him to even be present to qustion my “extra”.
    Count your blessings.?

  17. T Renard says:

    I sympathize with him. My girlfriend is currently pregnant and I catch it all the time. I am very much a man but I find myself staying out of her way for fear of being cursed out or drop kicked. I often wonder, how can such a beautiful creature spew so much venom at times. As I have been told often it’s my fault anyway that she is 20 months pregnant so I do like any real man will do in this situation, run like a little

    In all seriousness, I LOVE her with all my heart, maybe one day she will love me too.

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