More Shower Love

Today, a couple of coworkers threw me a shower here at the plantation.  Let me just say that spending the company’s dime is always a thrill.  They spared no expense when it came to the food and beverage!

Tim came for this shower and it was nice that he got to meet everyone that he hadn’t met before.  We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed chatting with my coworkers.

We were, once again, blessed with many gifts for Foxy.  Unlike the last shower, we got a LOT of clothes this time.  I tell you what, this is going to be the best dressed little girl this side of the Chattahoochee.  Seriously, she got a lot of clothes!  I’m hoping there were a few gift receipts included so I can at least exchange them for bigger sizes.  Otherwise, I am going to need to fill up my social calendar for things for me and Ms. Foxy to do so she can wear it all this summer.

Thanks to my coworkers (who will never read this) for organizing such a nice event!

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5 Responses to More Shower Love

  1. Krissy says:

    aww thats lovely. My co-workers threw me a really nice shower as well. It was good times. I was taken a back by how excited they all were for the shower and for me to see what they got for baby Jas. She was so loved before she even got here.

  2. keyalus says:

    I was so surprised with my baby shower at work! They really got me a ton of stuff. It was amazing to me to see how much folks cared. Made me feel guilty for spending so much time holed up in my office LOL.

  3. AR Gal says:

    That’s a big bag!!!

  4. justJENN says:

    That playmat thing is the bomb. It’s a total lifesaver and kids just love it!

  5. Brownsistah says:

    That was so wonderful!

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