Mother Knows

A while back I had a conversation with my mother about my upcoming entrance into motherhood.  She told me that I was going to have to change some things about myself once I became a mother.  Things like how I deal with certain situations or decisions that I make.  I could have gotten mad at her for talking to me like that, but the truth is she is totally right.

She explained to me that I have never known a love like I am about to know for my baby girl and I am not going to WANT to be the same person.  She dispensed some other motherly advice that I heard and put away to consider at another time.

Since being pregnant, I have been in a few situations what were kind of eye opening.  In each instance, the first thing I considered was Foxy.  How would XYZ affect Foxy?  Things like where I choose to live, the people I keep in my life or how I handle conflict at work.

Thinking along those lines really was an eye opener for me and I recognized that I might change my actions based on the love for my daughter.  It’s amazing how much affect this little girl has on me before she even arrives.  I can only imagine how drastic the changes will be once she is here.

Did you find yourself changing your behavior and decisions once you became a mother?  What are some of the tougher decisions you had to make?

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6 Responses to Mother Knows

  1. ames says:

    I liked to work 6 months out of the year before kids. Now I work 10 months. The exposure I want my kiddies to have made me do and think about business differently.
    With my son I was working while in labor and making work appearances 2 weeks later.
    My tolerance for getting near gross stuff feels limitless. These days my bare hands touch poop and spit up without passing out.

  2. T Renard says:

    Once I became a father, I totally changed my behavior. My sole goal in life was to live long enough to see my boys become adults. So for me that meant to always be in by a certain time and to not congregate in certain places. Having a child definitely brings out a kinder and gentler you. Good luck on your transformation.

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    My biggest decision, what can I give up so that I can work less and have more time with my child?

  4. kimmy says:

    I had to change my sleeping habits. Before kids, I was known to go to bed early and sleep at least 10 hours per night on average. Now, I get by on 6-8. This was really hard for me to adjust to. I can’t sleep that long anymore with kids. After they go to bed is when I get a lot of household stuff done.

  5. Nerd Girl says:

    I was pretty laid back before I had my girl and still am. But. I am fiercely protective of her. I didn’t even know I possessed the amount of fierceness that I do. I can tolerate a lot when it comes to myself – most stuff rolls off my back – but don’t mess with my kid, her happiness or her safety! I would fight to the death for my girl.

  6. Krissy says:

    My entire life changed because of baby but in a good way for the most part. Only thing I dislike is the lack of sleep. I could do without that. But I think she makes me a better person all around. Everything you do you consider your child. She’s my top priority.

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