This is Me NOT Complaining

I have tried not to complain too much during this pregnancy. Really, I have. I have tried to focus more on sharing my experiences with you all without sounding too whiney, but today I need to hit this from a different angle.

My stomach is finally starting to show signs of stretch marks and it’s grody to the max.

I am so tired of getting up to use the bathroom 4-5 times a night. I just want to sleep for 8 hours straight like the good old days. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just hop out of bed, handle my business and then hop back in. No, I have to use momentum to hurl myself out of bed. I damn near need a crane to get me to the sitting position. That is way more energy than I want to use at 3am.

I ache. I’ve entered this new stage of pregnancy. The discomfort has set in. My whole stomach area aches. My sides ache. Sometimes the aching is straight up pain.

I am only comfortable when I am reclined on my couch. If I am sitting or standing or in any other position, I am not comfortable.

My feet hurt all the time. I always feel like I’ve spent the evening in stilettos. Even if it is first thing in the morning.

My back hurts most of the time.

I get tired of eating.

I have so much to do to get ready for her arrival and only one-tenth of the energy to do it. I work in bursts of energy.

I thought I had decided on bedding for the nursery and then changed my mind. Now I don’t know what I want. I’m starting to not care and that is taking the fun away from me. I wish someone would make the decision for me.

I really need a glass of wine but I am so far away from having it I might as well not even think about it.

I need a day (or three) of complete pampering and coddling.

I’m tired of being pregnant.  On the other hand, I kinda want her to stay in there forever where I can see to all of her needs.  I’m afraid once she gets here I am going to fail her.

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11 Responses to This is Me NOT Complaining

  1. Exhausted says:

    I understand! My little guy is 7 months old now and I just wanted him out! But then he came out and wasn’t as “easily portable” as he was and I kinda wish he was back on the inside. I would tell you that it will be over soon but soon is a loooong time for a pregnant woman. Take care!

  2. only1tcb says:

    You’re going to be a great mom! Failure is not a consideration.

  3. Barrister says:

    I can only imagine what you are going through. It will all be worth it when you get to hold your precious little baby.

  4. ms.k says:

    It will all be worth it once she’s here I promise. I felt the exact same way toward the end of it all but once she’s here its worth it. The sleep thing tho, yea. . . U don’t get that back for awhile. Enjoy the little bit of sleep u get now while u can.

  5. sherri says:

    Babs please!

    You aren’t going to sleep 8 hours again for YEARS! 😉

    And many will disagree with me, but I say have a glass of wine if you want to. Unless you’re an alcoholic or you plan on drinking every day, one glass of wine is not going to do you or Foxy in.

  6. Mrs TDJ says:

    Complain away dear! I think most mom’s have been where you are at some point near the end of their pregnancy.

    Learning to work within each burst of energy is the few, while pregnant and once she arrives. Sleep will continue to be elusive for awhile.

  7. najalimu says:

    We are ><. I'm at week 32. The swollen ankles with painful feet and low energy are the pits 😦 Try reducing how many gulps of water you drink to smaller sips and try not to drink anything for about 2 hours before you go to bed if you can help it (advice from my accupuncturist). I've been doing that and only go once in the night.

    I know this may not be that helpful, but whenever I'm feeling especially down (read: every day)I try to mentally remind myself to be grateful for having this opportunity to be a mother and all that comes with it, because there are some who will never have this chance. Plus, all of this is temporary! Only to be replaced by a whole lot of other things, we have no idea about! JOY!

    Precisely why I try not to complain. There are many that would love to have what ails me. I am thankful!

    As far as cutting off liquids, I could stop drinking at 5pm and still be up at least 4 times per night. It’s where she sits.

  8. Tazzee says:

    “grody to the max” – I have not heard that in YEARS!

    I know that you are going to be a great mother – your fear of failing her will help.

    I can’t imagine the anxiety you feel – I have fears of being a good mommy to my puppy, so I think yours would be multiplied by 1,000. I pray that fear will be replaced by faith and you’ll see what we see.

  9. ondrea says:

    It’s almost over (at least this part of it) and don’t worry ALL of your maternal instincts will kick in when she arrives and you will still see to all of her needs! I agree with Sherri, you won’t see 8 hours of sleep for a while – sorry.

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