33 Weeks

Everyone grab a calendar and a pen.  Turn to the month of June and circle this date:

June 1st

That is the date of my scheduled induction.  Yeah, baby!  No joke.  My OB told me on Friday she would go ahead and get me on the calendar.  She called me a few hours later and told me that I would be induced on June 1st at 7pm!

Now, ever since I found out I was pregnant and due on June 6th, I have been telling people I wanted her to come June 1st.  I like the way it sounds.  The first of June.  I think it would be a lovely day to have a baby.  Now what are the odds that I am induced at 7pm and holding baby Foxy before midnight?  Yeah, I am seriously thinking about asking my OB to change my appointment to 7AM.

In reality, I really want Foxy to come anytime before June 1st on her own.  Why?  I did some reading up on inductions over the weekend and I got a tad bit scared.  It sounds…intense.  And me no likey intense.

Either way, get ready cause this baby will be here in 43 days or less!

Were you induced for the birth of your child?  Was it intense?

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19 Responses to 33 Weeks

  1. Nerd Girl says:

    You can hate me later….I didn’t feel my labor at all. No drugs, just didn’t feel it. So my answer is no, being induced was not intense.

    I was induced on Wednesday morning at around 7, had her Wednesday afternoon at around 2:30, so yeah, you may want to push for a morning induction on June 1!

  2. Tiffany In Houston says:

    Yassssssssss! A Gemini baby!!!! Yasssssssss!

  3. keyalus says:

    I was scheduled for a Tuesday (because God forbid the baby come 1 week late) but Lewis decided he was ready to come out that Saturday.

    They want you to come in at night because if you aren’t already contracting or dilated, it can be a long process. They will probably do a Cervadil insert thing and let it work overnight for 12 hours. The hope is that your contractions will start by the morning. If it doesn’t work they might do it again. Or they might start Pitocin. It really depends on how your body responds.

    It is my understanding that the Cervadil part won’t hurt. The Pitocin is the stuff that augments your natural contractions. Even if you get Pitocin, if you get a successful epidural, you’ll be fine anyway! If you don’t get an epi, you can deal. I tried the Pitocin thing with no drugs for a while but I got the epi because I had been laboring for 2 days by then and I was tired.

    • ms.k says:

      Wow @laboring for 2 days! Icant! I would have gone nuts!

      • keyalus says:

        LOL. Not the hardest part of labor but I started having regular contractions on Wed night and I was up all night with contractions Thurs & Fri. Not bad enough to have me in tears or anything but just enough to be jerked awake every 5,6,7 or 10 minutes. The doc told me not to come in until they were 4-5 min apart and they were close but not there.

        By the time my water broke on Saturday morning and the pain party REALLY got started. I was just worn out and ready for him to come on and stop messing with me.

      • ms.k says:

        O ok u had me concerned! Lol my labor started nearly a month early. No induction here lol. My baby girl wanted out!

  4. CaliSlim says:

    Whoa. How exciting. Makes it seem sooo real now.

    I feel you on wanting her to come on her own time. I feel really strongly about my child having his/her natural birthday and not some date picked by my doc for others convenience. And yes, all the inductions on “16 and Pregnant” have scared me witless!

  5. Coop says:

    Yay! 6/1 is my nephew’s birthday!

  6. kena says:

    So wait….You were pregnant for a whole year????


    • Petite Pearl says:

      This sentence has been misinterpreted by the commenter: “Now, ever since I found out I was pregnant and due on June 6th, I have been telling people I wanted her to come June 1st. ”

      She found out she was pregnant and her original due date for June 6th. She did NOT find out she was pregnant on June 6th.

      LOL!!! Thanks, Dr. PP! You are so smart!

  7. SimplyB says:

    I hear inductions are intense…..

    My mom has six kids and the 6th was an induction. It was not pretty! Any device available in the hospital(ball chair, tub) she used because it took so long. If you want a June 1st baby you just may have to move the time up if possible.

  8. Mia B says:

    My father’s birthday is June 1st!! Yay!!

  9. S23 says:

    I was induced and after 12 hours I felt nothing and was not dialating. I had a csection.

  10. Lori F says:

    I had my first by induction and it was the most awful.experience.ever!! It was bad enough that I now refuse to be induced this time around unless it’s absolutely medically necessary– and even then I’ll be pissed & scared to death! I blame my experience on the facility, staff, and my being young & not knowing my options. The only silver lining was having my beautiful baby girl at the end. I won’t go into details to spare you any pre-conceived ideas going into this but I do hope things go better for you than they did for me! Good luck!!

  11. Mrs TDJ says:

    I had a scheduled c-section and somehow once I knew the date, I was at ease. She’ll be here before you know it!

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