April Showers

It was a dark and stormy night.  High above the city, at The Georgian Club, a group of fabulous women decided to get together to celebrate the birth of a very special baby.

No, for real.  It was a dark and stormy night!  Some might even call it treacherous.  Still, we had a positively lovely time.  My girls went all out for me and I felt super special.  When I arrived I was overjoyed to see so many people come out in the rain to shower me with love and presents for Foxy.


As you can see, I went to the back of my closet for a dress for the event.  I had planned to wear one of my maternity dresses, but was feeling super frumpy.  About two minutes before we walked out the door, I ripped off the dress and pulled my favorite maxie dress out of the closet.  I slipped it on, changed jewelry and shoes and instantly felt like myself.

My girls did a FABULOUS job!  I love them so much.  Thank you to CaliSlim, Dark&Lovely, Keyalus, Rehab and Safety.

Beautiful cake!

We had great food and fun games.  It was hard to mix and mingle with everyone, but I think everyone had a nice time.  I know I did!

The Girl came in from Raleigh so I was really happy to have her there.

Barista brought some of her fabulous cupcakes and I was more than happy to discover a couple of her delights in my cake box once I got home.

Babs and Auntie Slim

Foxy and I were blessed with lots of great items including a personalized onesie that says “FOXY,” the diaper bag I have been pining for and a wonderful selection of books to get Foxy started on the reading rainbow.

Tim came at the end to help load the car.  One of the waiters asked if he should pop all the balloons and someone suggested we let the balloons fly off into the night after making a wish (sorry Mother Nature).  So the remaining few of us stepped into the wind, Tim and I each made a wish and set the balloons free.

Make a Wish!

It was kinda magical and a perfect way to end a perfect evening.

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20 Responses to April Showers

  1. Gladys says:

    Looks like you indeed had a good time! Thanks to your girls! You look awesome in that maxi!

  2. JennBMe says:

    You looked so pretty and it looks like you all had a ball!

  3. Tiffany In Houston says:

    Mayne you LOOK GOOD!!! I’m kinda jealous now, I don’t think I want to share my blog wifey anymore!!!!

  4. You looked STUNNING! Mommywood done well!

  5. AR Gal says:

    Great pictures!!

  6. keyalus says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

    I didn’t realize that wasn’t a maternity dress!

    That cake and the cupcakes were so delicious. I was a little mad that I was too full to have more of them LOL.

  7. t. sheree says:

    Aww, so glad you had a wonderful time. You look absolutely radiant in that 2nd pic. Yay!!!

  8. Petite Pearl says:

    Congrats Babs! It was good to see you in person by chance on Saturday. I’m sorry I missed the shower. My family obligation was a lot less fun. 😦

  9. Ms.K says:

    Looks like you had a blast! That’s what it’s all about. And I love that dress! I didn’t buy any maternity clothes my entire pregnancy. I just wore dressed and I am the maxi, tube dress queen so my and Princess J were quite comfy.

    I bought one pair of maternity jeans and I hated them. I have a nice size rump and hips and those bad boys would not stay up! I constantly had to pull them up. They’d slide off my prego belly and just cause all sorts of mayhem lol. UGH.

  10. Deljah says:

    Looking fab, Babs!

  11. Mrs TDJ says:

    Aww, happy you had a great time. Great audible on changing outfits – you look fabulous!!

  12. sundaze says:

    OMG, you look radiant!! Glad you enjoyed your shower!

  13. brannon says:

    You’re a fabulous looking mommy to be!

  14. sumthought says:

    Motherhood looks good on you lady!

  15. Trish says:

    I certainly see the glow! I’m glad you had a great shower!

  16. CaliSlim says:

    😀 😀 😀

    What a lovely recap. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Babsalonia.

  17. justJENN says:

    You look so pretty!

  18. You look so very happy and radiant in these photos. I am glad you friends made you feel special, you deserve it !

  19. Honest says:

    Babs you looked fabulous!

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