The Kindness of Strangers

In the year 2010, I tend to think people are generally assholes.  I base this not on what I read in the paper, but in my day-to-day dealings with mankind.  As an obviously pregnant woman, I am also reminded on the occasions that a door is not held for me, a seat is not offered, or I have to make a spectacle of myself in line at Target trying to bend down and pick something up.  People are rude!

However, every once in a while, someone will do something that gives me pause and makes me think that maybe the human race has a few good people in the mix.  Last week, I had such an experience.

I’m not going to name names because she is a lurker and you don’t know her).  I’m not going to name deeds (because that is really none of your business).  But I want you to know that I am really touched by this person’s actions.

Do you find that people are still kind and good?  Have you had a recent experience with someone unexpectedly doing something for you simply out of the kindness of their heart?

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4 Responses to The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Krissy says:

    I find that people are actually very good and kind. But I think that has a lot to do with me and how I present myself. I smile at people when we make eye contact. Like a genuine smile. It usually catches folks off guard and forces them to smile back or speak and I love that. I run into nice people on a daily basis and princess J is always a conversation starter. She smiles at people too and they melt.

    But while I was pregnant people were very nice as well. They’d give me their seats. They’d ask how far along I was. They’d let me cut in line. They’d do all sorts of just nice things to and for me.

    I personally find that people are mostly nice is you are as well.

  2. kimmy says:

    I’ll never forget when I was 8.5 months pregnant and got on a bus just to ride a couple of blocks. I stood in front because there were no seats. I didn’t want to sit down since I was only going two blocks. But NO ONE offered me a seat. Finally, a WOMAN sitting in the back offered me her seat. I declined since I was about to get off. But I was dumbfounded! Especially since there were two men seated in the front!

  3. Trish says:

    I have encountered some nice folks that are nice for no reason. Like you though, I find a lot of people are rude and only out for self.

  4. Honest says:

    I do think people are nice but I also think some people are so in their own world that they don’t “see” you nor do they see your situation. I think half of the assholish behavior would be reduced if people paid attention to what and who was around them.

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