Not My First

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  A day I have longed to celebrate.  And while Tim and I will be spending most of the day with his family, I believe the day will totally be about his mother and his sister, as opposed to being about me.

Tim thinks that I, too, should be celebrating Mother’s Day.  After all, I am providing all this good room and board for Foxy.  I take meds and eat properly most of the time so she can be healthy.  I have painstakingly seen to what her needs will be once she arrives.

While all of that is true, I still don’t feel like a mom just yet.  I feel more like a hostess for a really big event.  Can I get a hostess gift and a glass of champagne?

When I think of my first Mother’s Day, I imagine spending it with my child.  I want to hold her in my arms and celebrate that special day.  Additionally, I want my own mother to be there, so the three of us can celebrate such a monumental occasion.

So although I appreciate the thoughtfulness that this is my first Mother’s Day, I believe that I will still remain a mother-to-be.  I’ll let the other ladies have it.  But next year?  It’s all about me!

Did you celebrate Mother’s Day before your first child was born?  Do you think pregnant woman should celebrate Mother’s Day or wait until after the baby arrives.

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12 Responses to Not My First

  1. Mrs TDJ says:

    The mother’s day before my son was born, I was unaware that I was pregnant. Had I been aware, I doubt that I would have celebrated. It’s a decision I think each mother has to make for herself, but like you, I’d prefer to wait until the baby arrives.

  2. Tazzee says:

    And I had just made a mental note to remember to wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

    I’ve always gotten Mother’s Day cards for friends that were pregnant. They even have special cards for Moms-to-Be so you can still celebrate.

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    I’m not expecting any gifts but I’ll accept them if someone feels the need to give me one. I had a friend that said she would not accept any mother’s day card that did not say “mother to be” before her baby was born. She felt it was bad luck. I wouldn’t be so rude to anyone but there’s only a few people that would think of me on this day. Most of the celebration will be geared to the Mom’s that have been around. I’m not expecting breakfast in bed and dinner out but I won’t refuse a couple of “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes.

    lol! I’m not going to refuse anything, I just dont think a big deal should be made.

  4. Krissy says:

    I also didn’t know I was expecting last mother’s day but had I know I would not have celebrated. Mother’s day for me has always been about mother’s who already have children. This year I get to be celebrated and get to spend it with my baby girl and my mom. Should be awesome.

  5. Sheena says:

    I was pregnant on Mother’s Day. I didn’t receive anything. Plus my b-day was two weeks after that so I was excited about getting something then.

  6. laughing808 says:

    I’m with you in that I would celebrate Mother’s Day once the child is born.

  7. kimmy says:

    I didn’t celebrate until after the first one was born. I still struggle with this date. I feel as though we have two kids and it should be all about me. However, I realize that my husband has a mother and I have a mother too.

  8. dmac says:

    I didn’t celebrate when I was pregnant…I should have though!

  9. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I think that if it’s offered, then take all the Mother’s Day love you can get.

  10. I celebrated my 1st Mothers Day when I was pregnant w/ my daughter. I think pregnant women should definitely celebrate b/c it sets the stage for every Mother’s Day from here on out.

  11. Ames says:

    I was in labor my first Mother’s Day. If I had not been occupied I would have let my husband celebrate my impending motherhood.
    I think anyone who feels motherly and has mothered should celebrate/be honored on the day. My great aunts did not have children but we honor them because they have been mothers to us.

  12. T Renard says:

    I think at the end of the day if people in your life want to make a big deal then let them. You never can get too much love!!!!

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