37 Weeks

Full Term.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to get to this milestone.

Now get this baby out of me!!!

I jest, I jest. (sorta)

I am feeling pretty good about being 37 weeks.  I have noticed a decrease in my energy, but otherwise I feel pretty good.  One of my weekly emails informed me that my baby is “now the size of a watermelon.”  Duh!  Where have they been?

I feel great about the tasks Tim and I have accomplished over the last few days.  I swear that man is nesting. 

This week will round out household tasks, and I should will be in straight chill mode come Thursday.  I swear I am not doing a single thing starting Thursday until Foxy gets here.  If I have to get off the couch to do it, it’s just not getting accomplished.

Don’t forget to enter your guess for the Baby Pool.  And if you said anything past June 2, I curse you and spit at your feet!

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6 Responses to 37 Weeks

  1. AR Gal says:

    I had to go double check my entry to see what I put as the due date. I don’t like being spat at.

  2. CaliSlim says:

    Such wonderful news. We’re in the home stretch! So glad you made it to this point, she’s almost here!!!

  3. monica h says:

    Great news on making full term. Now on to bigger things like delivering a healthy happy Foxy.

  4. Ms.K says:

    My guess was the 23rd of this month. We shall see if I’m right 🙂

  5. only1tcb says:

    Yippie!!! Foxy is almost here. I can’t wait to see pictures. What a blessing.

  6. Deljah says:

    Girl, I was so focused on getting to 37 weeks – full term!! I had my baby at 37 weeks and 2 days, lol.

    If there is a next time, I’ll focus on maybe 38 or 39 weeks.

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