Unconditional Love

Have you ever been out with a group of women and been in the presence of a couple seated next to you or walking by?  Perhaps that couple was holding hands or laughing like they enjoyed each other’s company.  Then one of the women in your group would make a snarky remark about the man, woman or both.

That’s called hateration.

I’m glad to say that I was never that woman.  If a couple finds love, more power to them.  But that’s not to say I wasn’t a bit of a hater in other ways.

In the past, I can recall being out and about and having an overwhelming sense of sadness wash over me whenever I saw a woman with a stroller.  It didn’t matter if the woman was alone, or the child was being unruly or the woman looked harried.  The mere sight of a woman pushing a stroller would bring me to tears.

To me, the stroller is the ultimate symbol of motherhood.  More so than any bottle, bib or binky.  When you see a woman pushing a stroller, you know she has a family.  You know she has someone she is responsible for.  Someone that loves her unconditionally.

A couple of weeks ago my own stroller was delivered to my doorstep.  I am not at all exaggerating when I tell you I cried when I took it out of the box.  Although not how I always pictured it to be, my dream is finally coming true.

Soon (hopefully sooner than we think) I will have someone to be responsible for.  She won’t ignore my calls, hang up on me or be too busy to talk to me.  She won’t judge me.  She will be excited at the sight of me.  She will appreciate me.

She will love me unconditionally, and I will love her back.

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20 Responses to Unconditional Love

  1. S23 says:

    Congratulations Babs! Your child will love you unconditionally, but there will come a time when she’s too busy to give you a kiss when you drop her off at school, or she doesn’t want to answer your questions about her day. It’s just apart of kids growing up, but she’ll still love you just the same!

  2. Barista says:

    I feel the same way when I see someone with a stroller.

    But I did have to smh yesterday when I passed a guy pushing a stroller and sucking on a cigarette at the same time.

  3. CaliSlim says:

    LOL. I love that you are so excited, but do you really think your kid will never ignore your calls, be too busy or judge you?

    But I do believe her love will be unconditional, and thats a lovely thought. 🙂

    Of course she will, but I am talking about the immediate future. The teen years will be challenging I’m sure!

  4. KJ says:

    Hooray for unconditional love!! Now I feel bad for ignoring my mother’s calls, hanging up on her (really more of a, Mom I’ll talk to you later, in the middle of a heated convo) and being too busy to talk to her. 😦 I’m going to call her now.

    *Side Note…Is this the sugarcoated post that you spoke of?

  5. krissy says:

    I don’t hang around women who are love haters at all lol.

    I never had that feeling seeing women with strollers. I guess I never felt like I was missig anything. I have 5 nieces and 6 nephews and 2 great nieces. So with all of them around. I always had babies. And they always felt like mine. And I always felt like I could wait to have a family of my own.

    Princess J was a surprise. She wasn’t planned. She was even conceived while using protection which to me just meant she was meant to be here. Her love is unconditional. She does love when I walk into a room. She smiles at me when I smile at her. She depends on me for everything. I love her more than life. That doesn’t mean that raising her isn’t the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but it really is rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it

  6. Ms. Smart says:

    They say that to a child Mommy equals God.

    This ain’t sappy at all! This is quite happy. I can’t wait to see her little smiling face!

  7. This really touched me today.I don’t think its hateration to have a yearning for a child & feel some emotion about it. I am so excited for Foxy to arrive ! That bond between mother and child is like no other. Very soon you will be transporting her to play dates in that very stroller with tears of joy !

  8. dmac says:

    What a sweet post!

  9. AR Gal says:

    I cringe when I see strollers (with whiny babies throwing fits but I have absolutely loved reading about your journey to motherhood.

    • Tiffany In Houston says:

      LOL!!! Why must you be like that?

      • AR Gal says:

        ‘Cause it’s the truth! LOL There’s nothing more I hate hearing in public than a child having a temper tantrum and/or crying incessantly. My nerves weren’t built for it.

  10. Tiffany In Houston says:

    This made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I know this is what you have been wanting for a long time so I am super duper happy and excited for you!

  11. keyalus says:

    So sweet! The responsibility feels/is huge but that love is real and powerful and just amazing.

    I never felt any kind of way when I saw mothers out and about. I always knew I wanted children but I was scared too because I knew NOTHING about babies.

  12. ames says:

    I have 2 kids and no stroller. When I saw women with strollers I realized they had to load that horse in the car. Now when people see me with two kids and still wait for my parking spot I wonderr if they are daft. They have to know it will be a while.
    Coming home and having my daughter run to the door all smiles and offering hugs and kisses truly makes my day. But then she ignores me but its still a great feeling.

    As for unconditional love- they do love you but I realize I only have about 9 months to enjoy cuddling and unlimited kisses with my infant. They get independent quickly. But I love watching my girl be independent and have fun with her friends. I

    • keyalus says:

      Don’t say that! I’m already into month 8 here!

      He’s working on crawling now and then I will lose my baby boy. Mommy’s not nearly as interesting as that piece of paper under the table LOL.


      • ames says:

        There is always that sleepy window when they are too weak to fight you off. I take full advantage of those moments.

    • sherri says:

      Ditto Ames, once hthey start to move independently… lol

      heard this recently,
      the easiest part about being a parent is loving them unconditionaly.
      the hardest part about being a parent is everything else.

  13. onefromphilly says:

    It’s the hardest but BEST job I have ever had in my life. And as much as I grumble about my rock-head 19 year old. I wouldn’t change one day of our lives together.

    Get ready for the journey of a lifetime 🙂

  14. Rehab says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about strollers.. Perhaps that’s why I picked my dream stroller out 3 years ago when I had nothing even remotely close to something resembling a date, to say nothing of an actual boyfriend. I’m excited to get to meet Foxy very soon. Even Nick asks about her. He tries to act all manly and stuff, but deep down, he’s excited too..

    • CaliSlim says:

      LOL. I don’t know how Safety and I are even friends with Rehab and Babs. Stuff like this reminds me of how different we all are. 😆

      T asks about Foxy too. And sometimes when we are being silly we’ll chant “go baby, go baby” like we did when Mama Babs was going down the soul train line at your wedding. 😆

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