Better and other Randoms

Okay, I’m feeling much better today, folks.  I set up camp in the living room last night.  I slept a little better- only getting up about 3 or 4 times.  Unfortunately I had a small bout of insomnia.  Still, I feel better overall.

At my weekly doctor’s appointment this morning, my doc told us the rundown of how the whole induction thing was going to work.  Basically, she said it might take a couple of days.  A couple of days of me in the hospital waiting for showtime.  After she walked out of the room, I turned to Tim and informed him that we were getting busy every day next week.  And he better rub my nipples like he loves Big Poppa.

I do NOT want to be induced.

What the hell happened on Gray’s last night?  I quit watching a couple of years ago but dammit if every single one of my FB friends wasn’t updating their status last night with “OMG.”  I admit to being slightly intrigued.

What I did watch (for the most part) was NY Housewives.  Now THAT show had me scratching my head.  Kelly had a manic episode or something.  I have always liked her, but last night I couldn’t even co-sign on the crazy that was coming out of her mouth.

I’m in the mood for seafood.  Perhaps I’ll fry some fish this evening.  Although I really wouldn’t mind a lovely dinner at Oceanaire or C&S. 

What’s everyone got going on for the weekend?

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12 Responses to Better and other Randoms

  1. CaliSlim says:

    Please don’t spoil Grey’s for me blog family! I’m catching up this weekend! NY Housewives… I don’t get any of them anymore but Kelly is mentally ill!

    Weekend plans…lunch at Six Feet Under, happy hour and then making dinner. Sister Slim is coming with the family and my niecy poo this weekend!

  2. keyalus says:

    The Grey’s talk was killing me! I am like 5 episodes behind because the show has been really boring to me this season. I get so little time to watch TV, I like to focus on the shows I am feeling the most. I’m going to catch up for sure now!

    I need to start watching the NY girls. I watch Jersey and Atlanta but none of the other ones.

    That induction stuff is not the business. Your plan with Tim sounds like a good idea. If it can at least help set things up that would be good. An induction on a body that is not ready is like an express train to C-Sectionville.

    • keyalus says:

      Oh yeah. My sister will be in town this weekend for the Warrior Dash on Sunday. We will be going to book club tomorrow at R Thomas (never been…excited). Sunday is all about the race and LOST.

  3. Tim, you betta GET TA WORK!!!!

  4. fornot says:

    informed him that we were getting busy every day next week.


  5. Pinky says:

    Hahaha…tell Tim to drink plenty of fluids and prepare for a rousing game of Tune in Tokyo.

    I think I might finally unpack the last of my boxes this weekend (I moved like 3 months ago) and have a Cocktails, Cupcakes and Chic Flick night with some family.

  6. Nerd Girl says:

    I haven’t watched Grey’s in years – I may try to catch up online.

    Make sure Tim limbers up – don’t want him throwing his back out!

    Kelly is crazy as hell.

    I think I was “fake induced” I was 6 cm when I got to the hospital, but they put me on pit anyway. Have you been walking? That and your bedroom olympics should get things kicked off.

    I’m chilling and celebrating this weekend. Have a good one….or six considering what your plans are!!

  7. laughing808 says:

    Oceanaire sounds quite tasty……I’m glad they have one here in DC. Now let me go check out their lunch menu.

  8. Barista says:

    Woohoo! Next week sounds like fun!

    I’m doing a Grey’s marathon tonight to catch up after reading all that on fb. I should be done around 5am tomorrow.

    Now I can’t wait to watch RHNY! Looks like a tv weekend for me (in between batches of cupcakes). And I hear there should be sun on Sunday so i’ll be at the pool.

  9. AR Gal says:

    I sure bet Tim’s a happy man right about now! LOL

    I tried staying up to watch the repeat of RHNY last night but fell asleep. I’ll catch it sometime this weekend. I’ve never liked Kelly. I do like the new chick Sonya. She’s grown on me rather quickly.

    This weekend will consist of cleaning, grocery shopping, tv shopping, going to look at boarding kennels and naps.

  10. Ms.K says:

    I’m all caught up on my Grey’s but I won’t spill the beans here. Last nights show was hella good tho. Crazy, but good.

    I don’t watch RHNY only ATL. I never got into any others ones except OC but i’ve never watched a full season of that.

    This weekend, I plan to take Princess J to the park for the 1st time. We haven’t been because the weather as been crappy but we’ll go tomorrow for sure. Tomorrow night I plan to have some sexy time with my guy. Princess J is spending the evening with my BFF her Godmother and sexy time is well overdue. Hopefully the WAR doesn’t show up to ruin my plans. Sunday I plan to sleep in! I’m just gonna chill. Maybe do some laundry when I get up and moving around. Nothing major really.

  11. Disco Diva says:

    I felt so bad for Kelly…she is crazy and now everyone knows it.

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