Cruel Summer

So I’m getting ready to have this baby.  Things are pretty much in place.  She has a ride home, a place to sleep and ample bosoms from which to feed.  In addition, she has nearly all the accoutrements that I have obsessed over she needs.  Things look pretty good, huh?

Except a couple of weeks ago I noticed a nail sticking out of my tire. 


Then a couple of days later I realized the A/C in my house wasn’t as cool as I am accustomed to.  It runs all the time, and yet my house is never cold.


Then a week later, I realized I’m having the same problem in my car.  Cool air, but not COLD air.


All of these necessary expenses rolling in right before the baby gets here.  I haven’t had any of them fixed.  I honestly can’t bear to deal with anything this week.  I’m all about work and home.  Once my maternity leave begins then I can start dealing with life’s speedbumps.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the ultrasound bill I received for 5,500 dollars!!!  I am seriously hoping that is an error, otherwise I will have to hand over my first born as soon as she is born in order to pay for her.

If it’s not an error, it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

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14 Responses to Cruel Summer

  1. Petite Pearl says:

    Oh my!

  2. keyalus says:

    It is always something! Did the air filter change help? I thought mine was broken and called the A/C dude out…yeah he diagnosed me with a dirty filter and charged me $90. Oops!

    I just finished paying off our $2000 hospital bill for the birth. Lewis is fully paid for now! Next up is his $1000 MRI bill…always.something.

  3. CaliSlim says:

    I’m hopeful that it is an error since I know who your doc is and have experienced that as well.

    But if it ISN’T an error…holy smokes. This “permanent aunthood” thing sounds better and better! I could take a fabulous trip for $5500!

    Not that doctor. This is my fetal specialist.

  4. onefromphilly says:

    $5 down, $5 per week. Tell them that’s what they’re getting!

  5. Both your AC at home and in the car might just need a freon charge which is a lot less expensive than you think. Do you have home warranty?

  6. Ames says:

    What kind of ultra sound was that!?

    You’re cooking a baby maybe that has you feeling hot. Can you feel cold air at other places?

    Weekly ultrasounds for the year.

  7. Deljah says:

    Hopefully, the doc also sent that ultrasound bill to your insurance company, and they’ll take care of it.

    I don’t understand how you could delay the tire fix. Do you have run flats or something?

    Where the nail is it hasn’t caused a leak yet. But I imagine it will eventually.

  8. AR Gal says:

    Damn when it rains it pours. I’m with onefromphilly, if it’s not error….5 down, 5/week. You can’t get blood from a turnip yo!

  9. amyg says:

    The nail in the tire will not set you back too much – Well, it shouldn’t. We have had two nails puncture the same tire over the last year, and it was about a $20 fix each time…Sucks, but better than having to get a new tire!

  10. Trish says:

    Gee whiz! I hope that the bill is a mistake. I have an ongoing battle with a hospital for some tests they ran that weren’t covered by insurance. The medical field is surely a business in the business of ripping people off!!

  11. 1969 says:

    The ultrasounds aren’t covered by insurance?

    I had two c-sections and each hospital billw as right around $55,000. THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE. I don’t know what we would have done.

    Trust me Babs, kids ar eexpensive and you learn to adjust. Things you thought you needed, become frivilous. Those shoes you would have snatched up before are no where near as important as diapers and formula. It will take you some time to get used to but you will figure out a way to make it all work and still be yourself.

    Don’t worry!

  12. Deljah says:

    55g’s for a c-section??!! Good googly moogly! I had no idea!

  13. Disco Diva/5 Starz says:

    The guy’s number I sent you changed the filter, fixed my toilet, put up 2 ceiling fans, added freon, put up 3 blinds…and look darn cute while doing it for $125. I am working on my phase 2 list since it was so affordable!

  14. Ms.K says:

    Does your medical not cover specialist? Mine did. I saw a fetal specialist a couple of times a month for the duration of my pregnancy and never got a bill for it because it was covered under my insurance. You should call and inquire about that charge. It sounds extensive, but it could be the real deal.

    Things always seem to come up financially at the worst possible times!

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