The Show

This may surprise some of you, but Babs is really quite modest.  No, really.  I would much rather host a fabulous gala than be honored at one.  I don’t like a whole lot of eyes on me all at once.  Sure I can rise to the occasion and be the belle of the ball, but that requires me to put my shyness and reservations aside.  Yes you will often catch me posing for pics, but that is because I would rather take a good planned picture than a crappy one where I’m not smiling or trying to block the camera.

As I sit here on the eve of delivery my baby, I can think of no greater show than labor and delivery.  Truth be told, I would be happiest if it were just me and a couple of nurse practitioners.  Even Tim could wait in the waiting room with a box of cigars while they put me under and magically extracted the baby.  Hey, I’m old school!

Of course that is not an option so the circus will undoubtedly be in my delivery room.  Doctors, nurses, interns (lower case I) and Lord knows who else.  Additionally, both my mom and Tim’s mom will be present.  Again, they could both wait at home as far as I am concerned, but I know how important this is to both of them.  This is the first granddaughter for both, and I respect the importance of this occasion.

As far as others in the room as I am laboring and delivering, I’m cool on that.  I’m not just speaking of legs flailing and pushing out the baby.  I am talking about laying in bed with contractions while waiting for delivery to start.  I really don’t want spectators watching me writhe in pain for hours and hours.  And seriously, who wants to see that?

Note to all my besties:  I will come to the hospital AFTER the baby arrives, and not a moment sooner.

One some of the many baby message boards that I frequent, I have seen lots of women talk about who will be present when they deliver. Some want just their husbands, others include mothers, sisters, aunts and the check-out lady at the Piggly Wiggly.

Personally, I’d prefer the chance to freshen up, put on some eyeliner and a fresh pair of jammies before I present my blessing to the world.  Maybe it’s just me.

Who would you like have in the room with you?  Who was in the room with you when you delivered your children?  Did you allow visitors prior and after delivery?

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20 Responses to The Show

  1. krissy says:

    My sisters were in there with me and the only other person I would have wanted in there is my mom. She couldn’t make it. But I’m her baby so yea. . .

  2. pserendipity says:

    My mom was in there when I was pushing. When the pushing changed to c-section, she threw me the deuces and I went in alone. During labor, I was sound asleep, so I have no idea who came through (they had to wake me up to push). During delivery, there were people in the waiting room, and Aidan was born at 10 p.m. After delivery, I only saw two of my friends. Everybody else was only interested in the baby. They might not have even known that I was there. 🙂 After you go through the trouble of pushing out a baby, eyeliner is going to be the LAST thing on your mind. You’re not going to care who sees you, as long as they can bring you some FOOD!! That is the hungriest I have ever been in my life.

    • keyalus says:

      Truth! I was so hungry. Real talk: They won’t let you eat real food after a C-Section until you umm…pass gas. After 2 days with no food, the nurse broke down and gave me graham crackers and peanut butter. It tasted like food of the gods!

  3. keyalus says:

    Mine was bordering on side show too. The Mister, my sister, my mother, my mother-in-law. They only allowed 3 people at one time so they had to swap out.

    Next time around, I only want The Mister and a doula. Honestly, no one else was really actively helping me (not that I asked them to). As much as I love my folks, it is kind of annoying to be doing the hardest work you’ve ever done and see folks over there chilling and watching TV.

    • ames says:

      My husband was stroking my hand, giving me the bradley method speech and I turned and caught him watching the sports channel. I jumped on him with all the strength I had.

      The other annoying part is people looking at the machine and telling you when the contraction is coming, what it is doing and when it is subsiding. As if you don’t know!

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    My parents and hubby accompanied me to the hospital.

    I slept through my whole labor – we all did. When they woke me up to deliver, my parents went to the waiting room and it was just hubby and I (and what seemed like the entire hospital staff!)

    The baby had visitors that evening and the next. Nobody gave a darn about me.

    Co-sign on the hunger! All I wanted was a medium veggie lover pizza – I pushed that kid out and sent Smoochy straight to Pizza Hut!

  5. MrsTDJ says:

    I had a scheduled c-section and my mom was in there with me. Hubby thought he could be in there until the last second. He turned green and I kicked him out. Afterwards, I just wanted to sleep. And let everyone else has said, when I woke up, I didn’t care who saw me how, I just seriously needed a burger! My dad came through with Five Guys!! Love that dude!

  6. Coco says:

    I completely understand not wanting anyone in the room. I personally just want my mommy but I will probably kick her out after she offers all her annoying words of encouragement. If ever I give birth I expect a C-section so I really don’t want everybody there.

  7. Deljah says:

    My husband, doula, nurse and 1 doctor were in there. The nurse was in and out while I was laboring, and the doctor and nurse came in and stayed for the pushing (obviously).

    I don’t remember being particularly hungry after delivery. I only ate the hospital food they served. I did have breakfast at home that morning, and my doula gave me some water and maybe a little snack during labor. I wasn’t very hungry.

    The main thing I wanted afterwards was a shower!! I took one too, in the delivery room bathroon, once hubby came back from going w/ the baby to the nursery. I took another shower later on that night in my recovery room.

    I only had a couple of visitors. The pics were not my best look, lol, but I had that new mommy glow to balance it out. hahaha

  8. SimplyB says:

    Personally, I only want the doc/hospital staff but I am pretty sure my sisters would feel some kind of way if they were not allowed in the room.

    After delivery I will welcome any and all guests.

  9. Ames says:

    One of my cousins had 4 or 5 relatives who were taking photos and uploading to fb.

    I think it should be invitation only- do not ask to come.

    My husband held one leg- I needed him there to fight for me and he wanted to cut the cord. An intern held one leg. I don’t know what the nurse did and the doctor did what they do.

    Then the ped team came in prior to delivery.

    For both kids my family visited. I appreciated the concern but fortunately they did not try to observe the gritty stuff.

  10. onefromphilly says:

    There was only the Husband, the nurse (who coached me through the last push and let me put my feet on her shoulders, GOD bless her)and the Dr. There was a Resident who was in and out, there were 3 of us delivering at the same time. That Resident got a real workout that night!

    My son was born at 12:45 AM so nobody else was around and I didn’t let the Husband call anybody before we were already at the hospital. My Mom can’t take the sight of blood and my sister was a frustrated wanna-be doctor, she would have tried to take over. Afterwards I was FREEEEEZING cold, I couldn’t hold my baby or anything. My teeth were clacking together and I was shaking all over. They put a warm blanket on me and I went straight out to sleep for 15 minutes. I wasn’t hungry just COLD!

  11. Petite Pearl says:

    I want my hubby and any medical staff needed. My mom can come in before I get to the pushing part but she may or may not do so. I already know neither of my sisters would want to witness the birth, they make nasty faces when I show them my pregnant belly. SMH.

  12. Him and my mama. The rest of them bammas can wait.

  13. brannon says:

    My sister is due any day now and has asked that I be in the delivery room. I said okay – just hope I’m able to really make it and be there. I lived in a different city when my niece is born, so this will be my very first time in anyone’s delivery room.

    I think she has invited a number of people. I probably wouldn’t want anyone there but my husband and mom. I really don’t want a boatload of people watching my va-jay-jay. Call me vain, but I hope and pray I’m able to have an appt scheduled right around the time of birth to have both my legs and va-jay-jay waxed! 🙂

  14. 1969 says:

    It was only Mr. 1969 and I for both births. Once I had a chance to sleep and somewhat recover, all guests were welcome. I did not wnat to be on display. I also refused to have the birth on film. We filmed up to delivery and after the baby was born. Who wants to watch that?? LOL

  15. Sheena says:

    I wanted my mom in the room most of all.
    The nurse, the doctor, my son’s dad, his mom, and my mom was in the room when I had him.
    Before and after delivery, his dad brought everybody and they mama into the room. I nearly cussed them all out but I was too busy hollering from the labor pains but afterward I was hungry and cold as ever. I wanted food. Was even the last to hold the baby before he went to the nursery.

  16. amista says:

    While I was laboring with my first one, just my husband and my mother were in the room. My MIL was in and out, but the hospital had a pretty strict rule of only two in the labor/delivery room at a time. That worked for me, and if it was up to only me just my husband would have been there. I wound up having a c-section and two subsequent ones, so ony my husband was there for their births. But there was a whole crew of hospital staff in the room – doctor, nurses, anesthesiologist, etc. At first it was uncomfortable, but after a while I realize they’ve seen it all and then some.

  17. amyg says:

    I would only let Mark in – It is such a crazy ride, that I did not want an audience….

  18. laughing808 says:

    I wouldn’t want the delivery to be a show either, just my husband and mother would do.

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