Hand Me Downs

There are lots of traits I’d like to hand down to my darling daughter- my charm, my love for food and travel, my amazing dance floor stylings and so much more.  But there is one thing I had hoped not to pass on to her.

Bad skin!

It seems Foxy has developed a case of baby acne.  I first noticed a couple of bumps on her cheek last Thursday.  Each day it has gotten progressively worse. 

I have done plenty of reasearch and spoken with a couple of people.  Everyone says it’s completely normal and will clear up on its own, but as you can imagine it is very upsetting to me.  My perfect little girl is broken out all over her forehead, cheeks, and neck.  It’s even on her eyelids.

I plan on reaching out to the pediatrician’s office first thing in the morning to see if I should bring her in prior to next week’s appointment.  Yes, I know they are probably going to tell me that as long as she is not super irritable or in any noticeable pain to just leave it be, but I need peace of mind so I will be calling.

Did your child suffer from baby acne?  When did it appear and how long did it last?

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20 Responses to Hand Me Downs

  1. cbean says:

    Sure it’s just not a heat rash?

  2. ames says:

    My daughter did not. My son had it for about two weeks. It started small, got all over his face and cleared up. It is very distressing. Neither of us have ever had acne. I imagine its a lot of stuff going on during the birth passage so maybe that is how they react.

  3. Mrs TDJ says:

    Yep, my little guy had it BAD. He got it at around 4 weeks and kept it until about 4/5 months. One thing that helped was keeping him cool, so that he didn’t try to scratch much. And, during those months, we stopped using J&J smell good lotions. =( It eventually cleared up. Unfortunately, he does have rather sensitive skin and the slightest change in his environment, causes him to develop rashes.

  4. Petite Pearl says:

    She’s probably got a heat rash and baby acne. Her skin is not used to all this heat and humidity. I get heat rash too after going to S. GA for a day so I know her little skin is sensitive to this scorching hot weather.

  5. Ms. Behaving says:

    I had one of my children during the winter season and the other two during the summer.

    Both of the later two suffered from heat rash which like everyone already told you, is normal and will go away on it’s on.

    Cornstarch powder worked wonders for me. Hope whatever it is, that it clears up quickly although I’m sure this doesn’t take away from how adorable she is. 🙂

    I’ve been a lurker for a minute but now that I’ve taken the time to comment, CONGRATS on the baby.

  6. krissy says:

    Princess J got it at about 3 weeks old. I took her to the doc quickly. They said it was heat rash and to keep her cool. She was born in oct so that seemed strange. Then she was diagnosed with eczema and they told me to stop using the jj lotions and what nots. Prescribed her some cream and the next day it was gone. Haven’t had an issue since. Now at 7 months I’m slowly introducing her skin to baby magic. Her skin likes it and no more rashes.

  7. amyg says:

    Mia had it – I do not remember it lasting too long….

  8. keyalus says:

    Yup we had it and it went away after a few weeks. There might be something to the notion about the heat rash though. It was still hot when Lewis was born.

    Be thankful it isn’t eczema! That can be a never-ending problem.

  9. onefromphilly says:

    My son had it just like that, all over his face and neck. My sister recognized it as baby acne. Like others have said we stoped using J&J lotion and baby wash. But when I realized it was just on his face and neck I went back to J&J but made sure to never put any on his face or hands. Baby’s faces don’t really need any lotions or oils on them. I made sure to only wash his face with plain water.

  10. JennBMe says:

    With my kids, I found that I couldn’t use anything with scent in it. Especially the lavender scented J&J baby oil.

  11. Nerd Girl says:

    Lovegirl didn’t have baby acne, but she did/does have eczema.

    When she was a baby I used Aveeno (Natural, No Dye….something like that) or just plain water to bathe her.

    Hope Foxy clears up soon and that she’s not terribly uncomfortable!

  12. 1969 says:

    Tali 2 had it everywhere. I remember being so upset and then all of a sudden, it cleared up on it’s own. My doctor told me it is very common and it is pretty much toxins/etc working their way out of the baby’s system from birth. I think it lasted a few weeks and he had perfect skin after that. Don’t worry….she is still GORGEOUS.

  13. Joe Ann says:

    My daughter had it, it turned out to be sensitivity to perfumes. I have to wash everything before she wear it. I do all of her laundry with unscented detergent and run the rinse cycle twice. She is almost 3 and I still have to do this or she will break out with little bumps all over.

  14. CaliSlim says:

    You have not handed her down bad skin! It’s a passing thing drama mama! *shakes fist* lol

  15. tanyetta says:

    Wipe her face with her early morning diaper for 3 days.

    • ames says:

      My little guy had an eye infection when his skin broke out. I used the pee because that is what the old folks used to do. Maybe the pee helped clear the skin too.

      Only problem is disposable diapers lock the pee in. It works well with the cloth diaper or put cotton in the disposable diaper.

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