Pumps and a Bump

Father’s Day, as it turns out, ended up being pretty great.  We (I guess I should get used to speaking in first person plural) met Tim and the offspring for early church service.  It was Foxy’s first worship service and she did pretty well.  She slept nearly the entire service and only started stirring towards the end.  At that time I slipped out and went to the mothering room to change and feed her.

After service we headed out to Tim’s folks’ house for brunch.  The ladies were supposed to be cooking for the menfolk, but I got there so late, and had my hands filled with little ones, that I didn’t get to assist in the kitchen.  After eating we all sat around and talked.

As a gift, I gave Tim something no one else on earth could possibly give him…a bottle of fresh from the teet breast milk!

I thought it would be nice for him to feed Foxy for the first time on Father’s Day.  Hey- I have a corny side!  She took to the bottle quite easily.  A little too easily as a matter of fact.  I was slightly jealous watching her suck on the bottle with wild abandon.  Methinks I’ll be regulating her time on artificial nipples.

In the evening, I took Tim and the Offspring out for an evening of quality family time.  We headed to the local bowling alley for a couple of games and patty melts.  I wasn’t sure if  Tim would be too jazzed about bowling for Father’s Day, but all he really wanted was for us all to spend time together.

Bowling proved to be a great success.  Everyone was in a good mood despite being tired from being up so early and we all bowled pretty well for our own levels.  We dined on burgers, hot dogs and fries.  Nothing but the finest of cuisine for my number one guy!

By the end of the night, Foxy and I were exhausted.  I wore a pair of high heeled pumps to church and my feet STILL hurt 30 hours later.  I guess I’m not ready for all of my shoes just yet.

Today (and tomorrow) I plan on showing Foxy how this couch potato thing is supposed to be done!

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8 Responses to Pumps and a Bump

  1. ames says:

    I use the medela bottle!

    Sounds like a lovely day. You look like it was a very joyful day.

  2. krissy says:

    My daughter has that same outfit but she hasn’t worn it yet. Its too big still. I’m glad fathers day turned out good. My dad had an awesome day and got to play with his new fav girl, Princess J!

  3. GG says:

    LOL! She such a sweetie.

  4. Barrister says:

    You look good, Babs! Sounds like you and the fam and a great Father’s Day weekend. Time to make new traditions. The past is a memory.

  5. Lisa says:

    I’m impressed at your activity. I wasn’t even allowed to leave the house for 30 days when I had my children. That was 16 years ago though. The elders in my life weren’t having it.

    Glad you enjoyed your day. Be sure to rest up.

  6. AR Gal says:

    “….a bottle of fresh from the teet breast milk!”


  7. Coop says:

    You look radiant! Happy Father’s Day, Tim.

    PS – thanks for the mail. 🙂

  8. Deljah says:

    Sounds like a good day.

    My daughter has that same outfit. :o)

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