Who Wants a Clean House?

I hate cleaning.  Hate it!  The only cleaning I don’t mind doing is laundry, and I actually love to do laundry.   But scrubbing toilets and tubs and whatnot?  Yuck.

Years ago, when I lived in what I affectionately called the ‘drafty palace’ I had no problem cleaning.  My home was immaculate.  Perhaps it was because it was a brand new house that I took lots of pride in.  Perhaps it is because I was a stay-at-home wife with nothing better to do.  Or perhaps it’s because I simply cared.

As is the case with most things I don’t like doing, I usually end up NOT cleaning.  Or, rather, not really doing a good job.  Even now that I am sitting at home all day, I just can’t get motivated to get into a cleaning frenzy. 

The other day I had a come to Jesus moment and realized that the toilets were not going to clean themselves.  I also realized that Foxy was not going to be pulling her weight and busting some suds, so I decided it was time to bring in a professional.  It’s not money that I really want to spend, but I figure I will be eating out less now that I have a child.  For the low low cost of two dinners out per month, I can have my house cleaned?  Totally worth it!

Today I had a lady come and I am so so happy I did.  It took her and her partner over three hours to clean my tiny condo.  It would have taken me twice that.  And I even took a nap whilst she was working.  That’s worth every nickel and dime I have to spend!

Do you have your house regularly cleaned by professionals?  Or do you do the cleaning yourself?

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16 Responses to Who Wants a Clean House?

  1. Barista says:

    When I had my house I used to love coming home on Wednesdays after the cleaning people had been there. Glorious and worth every wicked cent.

  2. busybodyk says:

    I have it done a few times a year. I would like to have it done at least once a month. It feels great to come home to a clean home.

  3. Nerd Girl says:

    I’ve never had my home professionally cleaned. I have an issue with someone cleaning up after me.

    I want to have a service come in, I’ve thought about it, I’ve set aside money for it, but I can’t bring myself to pay for it. Lawd….I sound like I’m talking about something else! LOL!

    Basically – I’d love to, but I “can’t.”

  4. ames says:

    Yes. Even when I lived alone I had someone come to clean.

    I actually had a nanny who cleaned while the kids napped but I think nannies should focus on the kids so I stopped that.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of cleaning either. I’ve always said I was going to have a cleaning crew come in, but I’ve never done it. I’m getting a whole lot better w/ cleaning up myself.

  6. Pserendipity says:

    For about 2 months, I had the house cleaned every 2 weeks. My mom paid for one month, I paid for the other. LOVED.IT!! Coming home after they had been there was almost better than chex. Almost.

  7. There have been some serious discussions about having a cleaning service come in after the wedding. I’m planning on winning this one.

  8. ondrea says:

    I actually like cleaning my house. I have a routine and I plug into my iPod and get to work. I love the clean smell and how everything looks when I am done and the sense of accomplishment. Now, cooking…can I hire someone for that?

  9. Petite Pearl says:

    I’ve been planning to hire someone to come in once a month for years now. I think this baby will be my final motivating factor.

  10. KJ says:

    I had a cleaning service come in to clean my home before I moved in. With absolutely nothing in there, they still weren’t able to clean well enough for my standards. I’ll be cleaning myself…or bringing my Aunt over to do it.

  11. GeckoGirl says:

    We have someone come in once a month to deep clean and I do weekly cleaning in between. However, she’s starting to slack and I want to find someone new. Can you pass along the info for the people you used?

  12. AR Gal says:

    Nope I’ve never had a cleaning service. I’m the Molly Maid of our house.

  13. aunaptural says:

    Is it weird that I’m seriously considering hiring someone to deep clean my apartment prior to moving out? After packing up the place, the last thing I want to do is scrub a tub or clean a fridge.

  14. Jazz says:

    I am planning on having a housekeeper come in when I get my own apartment. I absolutely hate cleaning , and I think its healthy that I realize that now. I only like to do laundry ( the washing part , not the folding /hanging ) and wash the dishes . Thats it. My family thinks im crazy and my mom said she will be my housekeeper LOL

    The truth is that my house won’t get clean if someone else doesn’t do it!

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