Every time I try to sit down to eat this chick miraculously wakes up from whatever state of slumber she is in.


Is she trying to tell me something?

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2 Responses to Conspiracy

  1. Lori F says:

    It is a conspiracy, I’m sure of it!!! Mine does the same thing! I can have nothing to do and she’ll sleep just fine. If I want to eat or God forbid, do anything else productive, she’s up needing something… ugh!! …However.. I have lost almost 50 lbs already so it’s hard to be too upset overall. God I love breastfeeding!! 🙂

  2. Mrs TDJ says:

    Oh it’s definitely a conspiracy that all babies are in on. *lol* I used to love my food piping hot, almost burn your mouth hot, you know? Now, I can eat it ice cold. So many interrupted meals that I just decided to get used to it and grab a bite when I could. No time to waste re-heating.

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