Family Ties

Happy Monday!

I’m sure most of you won’t even read this until Tuesday since it’s a holiday in the corporate world.

I hope you had a good 4th of July weekend!

We spent the weekend with Tim’s extended family for a family reunion. It was nice and I am happy that Foxy got to meet so much of her family. My family doesn’t get together like that so it was important to me that she be a part of the experience. It makes me happy to know she is a part of a family that makes the effort to get together regularly.

Does your family have regular reunions? Is there good participation amongst the young and old?

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5 Responses to Family Ties

  1. ames says:

    My extended family which consists of the offspring of my maternal great-grandfather regularly spends Thanksgiving and Christmas together. We had a reunion this past weekend too. My kids were there, but my husband and I are in St Martin/St Barths.

    In L.A. the offspring of my maternal great-grandfather’s brother get together regularly. My 5th cousin and I are great friends because our grandmothers were best friends/first cousins.

    From the youngest to the oldest everyone participates.

  2. missmajestic says:

    Let’s see. My mother’s mother, her siblings, all their children and their children (me and my 2nd cousins) etc. get together every thanksgiving. its usually around 50 people. My mother’s mother also has 2 family reunions, not including the “homecoming” every 4th of july in the rural community where she grew up. Then my step grandfather’s family has a reunion (we were kinda close) And my father’s side also has a reunion.

    I have more than enough family reunions and the t-shirts to go along with them.

  3. krissy says:

    We just had a family reunion last weekend. We have them every 2 years. I love them. I love when my family gets together. We always have an awesome time. It was the 1st time many of them got to meet Princess J and they loved her and showered her with compliments and kisses. She soaked it all up while not letting much of anyone hold her but me. She was on me like a baby monkey the entire weekend lol

  4. GeckoGirl says:

    My dad’s side of the family has reunions on even-numbered years and my mom’s side has them on odd-numbered years. However, I suspect next year’s might be the last on my mom’s side unless the younger family members start stepping up. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in keeping the tradition.

  5. We have a family reunion on my dad’s side every July 4th and my parents just got back from it. I normally go but didn’t this year because M2 didn’t have Monday off and it seemed to be a waste of money to go for an overnight trip.

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