Sticky Fingas

I totally shoplifted from my local grocer today.  But I swear it was an accident!

I had Foxy in her car seat and the car seat in the shopping cart.  I had my groceries in the cart with her.  I did self checkout and headed to my car.  As I was loading the car with my two grocery bags and the baby, a stray can of pink salmon rolled out from under the car seat.

At that point I had a decision to make.  Foxy was in a quiet state somewhere between asleep and awake and the temps were quickly passing the 90 degree mark.  I could either take the can of salmon back in and pay the $2.49 or put that bad boy in my car and keep it moving.

*peeling out on two tires*

My bad, Mr. Groceryman, but I had to get home!

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3 Responses to Sticky Fingas

  1. ames says:

    When we are at any store my daughter likes to get things. Instead of fighting with her, I put them on the bottom of the basket so I won’t accidentally buy the stuff. Then I forget its at the bottem. But it doesn’t get so hot here and I always get help to the car. I just send everything back.

  2. cbean says:

    You could have just left it in the cart. LOL. I have gone back in when the cashier missed something that was inside of something else. Just recently I went back to the store cause she only rung up two and I had five. They were only a $1 a piece, but I still had to go back and pay for the three I had.

  3. Honest says:

    Usually I’m being overcharged or they rung up an item twice by mistake. I tend to review my receipt before I leave the store.

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