Truth in Advertising

Last night I was watching some show on TLC.  I think it was called Paralyzed and Pregnant.  Don’t judge me, there was nothing else on and I think my hands were too full with Foxy to read.  Anywho, the show was about a woman who…wait for it…was paralyzed and had a baby.  So witty those reality producers are.

The show last night was actually filmed a few years after she had her baby.  She has since become paralyzed and divorced.  She was explaining that it’s a couple of years after her divorce and she is looking to get back in the dating world.  Not to begrudge anyone a chance at true love, I was cool with that.  Then she explained that she is doing online dating and she usually waits for a man to show interest and exchange emails before telling him that she is a quadriplegic.

*pause for dramatic effect*

Now, for those of you that have been following me for a few years you know I am quite experienced in the art of online dating.  If I had met a man online and he waited until after we had exchanged a couple of emails to tell me that he was a quadriplegic I would have been pissed.  That is something you need to have listed in your profile!

Do you think paralysis is something that should be advertised up front?  Or is it okay to wait until interest has been shown or a rapport has been established?

What types of things need to be told upfront?

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9 Responses to Truth in Advertising

  1. Maggie says:

    Ok, I’m a lurker, but I have soooo got to chime in on this. First, I would be highly upset if I had exchanged a few emails and got interested and then had that bomb dropped on me.

    Second, there were moments of the first episode as well as the one last night that had me royally pissed. I will stop there because I don’t want to seem offensive, but all I could say is UUUUGGGGHHH!!

    Thanks for stepping out of Lurkeville! I didn’t watch all of last night’s episode, but I have to say there was something about her that I just didn’t like. I can’t put my finger on it.

  2. krissy says:

    Well since I have full use of all my limbs I can’t really say what the line of thinking is except that she didn’t wanna be prejudged ( I watched the show too on and off) I think if a man is interested in her enough, after she tells her situation, he may still want to see where it goes and I believe that is her hope. I can’t knock her line of thinking. I just feel it must be addressed within the 1st few conversations tho

  3. cbean says:

    Yes, I think that should be listed in the profile. I read a profile the other day where the guy disclosed he was a recovering addict (did not mention from what) and I was like “Okay, moving on…”. It’s nothing against him and his progress, but it’s about what you are able to deal with. I think PTSD should be disclosed as well. I don’t wanna start liking you and something triggers flashbacks and you start straight tripping. I know these things are personal. But anything that gives you pause before including it, should be included!!

    I know that was not meant to be funny but I hollered!

  4. ondrea says:

    I think any obvious disabilities should be listed upfront as well as any habits that would not be so obvious from the profile but very obvious if I met you in person. Don’t suprise me, give me the opportunity to decide if I am okay with something. If I decide to say no thank you, that’s less time wasted for both of us.

  5. Barista says:

    I laughed out loud when I read this. Insensitive? Maybe I am. My bad. But seriously….I got mad when I was online dating and men lied about being 5’10 when they were really 5’9…or having hair. I think any level of deception in online dating sucks. Honesty is wayyyy hotter to me than that extra inch…unless it’s in the nether region… (I kid!)

  6. t. sheree says:


  7. Honest says:

    That’s something to be disclosed up front. A man sent me an online request and put in his profile that he was in a wheel chair. I didn’t notice immediately and had already decided that I wasn’t going to respond but that is something one needs to be upfront about. I think people who don’t disclose think their match will fall in love with them for who they are and then get over the physical or mental problems. Maybe either way that’s not up to them to decide.

  8. jamie says:

    there are things that require full disclosure up front, I am a convict in prison for murdering my exboyfriend, I was born a man and am now a woman, I have been clinically diagnosed with multiple personalities, and I am a quadripelegiac come immediately to mind.

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