Bringing Out Baby

Before I had Foxy, shoot before I even became pregnant, I always said I would stay in the house with the baby for thirty days before taking her out.  I also said I would limit visitors for the first two weeks.  Then the baby came and so did my mom and grandma.  Close friends and family who were excited about the baby wanted to come see her.  No problem, I set up a rigid handwash and hand sanitizing station and allowed visitors.

During the first two weeks, the only place I took her was to the pediatrician and to the mall to have our highly anticipated generations picture taken while grandma and great-grandma were in town.  I did a lot of reading on both the internet and in books, and I also asked the nurse at the doctor’s office.  I determined that as long as I kept her away from people breathing on her and kept her cool in the summer heat, I was okay to take her out from time to time.

After two weeks, my mommy was gone and guess what- I needed groceries.  So I loaded Foxy up and took her to the market.  It was a quick trip.  Just long enough to get a few essentials.  Still, I kept her in her carseat and wiped down the shopping cart with a wipe.

A few days later Tim suggested we step out for a quick lunch.  I was eager to get out and eat something not from my kitchen for a change, so we put her in her carseat and went around the corner to my favorite Mexican joint.  She stayed in her carseat until the end when she began to cry.  I took her out and held her and of course she immediately drew much attention.  One of the waitresses came over and remarked about how cute she was and made a move to touch her.  My hand went up and blocked her so fast you would have thought I was the next Karate Kid.

“Don’t touch her!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, yes, of course,” she said and sheepishly walked away.

Tim still makes fun of me for my quick reflexes, but he ain’t mad at me.  He said he would have done the same thing.  I am always amazed at people that will just put their hands on a stranger’s baby.

Since that lunch, Foxy has been to her pediatrician three times, as well as to several lunches and two movies.  She also, of course, went to the family reunion last weekend.  In every case, we had a strict no touching policy.  Even at the family reunion, I wore her (thanks to my handy sling from pserendipity) so that people would have the opportunity to touch her, and they wouldn’t dare ask to hold her.

I don’t at all feel like I am putting my child at risk by taking her out on occasion.  It is the summer, not the winter when flu season is prevalent.  Also, I guard her like she is the Golden Child and I-I-I-I want the knife.  Sure, there is still the possibility that someone will cough on her, but I can’t keep her in the tower forever.  I don’t believe I would be doing her any favors by keeping her quarantined at home.  After all, she’ll be in daycare in another few weeks.

I know plenty of people will disagree with me.  Heck, even my nail technician thought I was crazy for having her out before the 60 day period.  But she also thought I should wear long sleeves because my pores were still open from the birth.  Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

In the end, every mother must do what she feels comfortable with.  I am completely comfortable with my choices.

How soon after your child was born did you take them out in public?  If you took your child out sooner than six weeks, did you get a lot of hassle from family and friends?

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15 Responses to Bringing Out Baby

  1. krissy says:

    I didn’t take princess J out a lot until she had her 1st set of shots and that is also what the doctore recommended I do. The last thing in the world I wanted was for her to be sick when she was so small. The most place we came was over to my moms house. That was after we had gone home( we spent our 1st 2 weeks here). I didn’t want people (strangers)touching her or breathing on her period. If I needed to make a store run I waited until someone was able to keep an eye on her while I did it. Her doc said no mall or anywhere there were a lot of people until she had those shots. After that she went everywhere with me ( and still does) but she was bundled and always had a blanket over the top of her carseat. It was like a fortress lol.

    Every mother is different and will raise their children how they see fit but I must admit that when I see a mother with a baby who apprears to be younger than a month I wonder why the hell she has that baby out. Last weekend at the mall there was a lady sitting in the food court with her 2 week old just showing her off. Is it truly that serious? That’s what I wanted to ask her. But then I remembered my baby was on my hip and no one elses child was my concern.

  2. Disco Diva says:

    Your male Nail Tech said you should wear long sleeves?

    LOL!!! No, Donnie only does my pedicures and keeps the chit chat to a minimum. A woman does my manis.

  3. JustJENN says:

    You know you’re going to get a comment out of me if you quote The Golden Child…

  4. najalimu says:

    We had a late term preemie a 34 weeks, through ER c-sxn. While my mom stayed with me for 6 weeks, as soon as I could walk we were out. Mostly to Dr’s appt’s, but similar to you. . grocery store, park for walks, movie. She ddin’t go anywhere major until about 6 weeks. Because she is still a little small, I still get those “what is she doing with this baby out here” looks, but whatev’s. Truth be told she is getting GREAT immunity from your milk. I’m very cautious with her and until recently (2 months), most of the time she is wrapped in my moby — no touching here! As her mother, i’m sure you have great instincts and are doing right by your child.

  5. Lori F says:

    Wow. It really seems as though the majority of commenters here believe taking newborns out in public is a major no-no. So I thought I’d throw my two cents in for the sake of representing those of us who think it’s fine (I got your back girl!). I’ve always taken my babies out whenever I felt like it. When my oldest was born almost 14 years ago I had major cabin fever so we went to the mall and walked around with her in the stroller. I got lots of compliments on my lovely baby and a few comments from folks who thought it was their place to tell me how to parent. I would politely listen and then just keep walking – I’m always shocked at the gall of strangers who tell people what to do, unsolicited! Da hell

    • Lori F says:

      (Oops- wasn’t done with that yet)

      Anyway, yeah, I’m not judging because I believe “to each his own” but it really feels like the ‘two month rule’ is so outdated. I can understand a time where that would’ve been what people were advised to do but not now with all the disease & germ control available. It just seems silly & excessive to me to stay in that long. It’s just my opinion though.

      When my second one got here 6 wks ago, I didn’t feel up to moving around as quickly so I was in for a couple weeks. But I cannot just stay indoors in the summer like this and mostly I’ve been to family homes & my work to show her off. But I’m not afraid to take her wherever I need to go. I really feel like breastmilk has plenty of immunity & germ fighting good stuff that as long as you keep strangers at bay & others wash their hands, kids are resilient enough to withstand quite a bit. Besides, if you don’t expose them to the world, how’re they ever gonna build their own defenses? Germs are what creates the immunity system. So go ahead girl and take your baby out! Heck, I’m jealous it hadn’t occurred to me to hit the theater with her – great idea! Sorry to rant, I guess I had more to say about this than I thought! 🙂

  6. SimplyB says:

    Any moms out here that do not vaccinate?? I wonder how they feel about these rules.

    As much as I like staying inside I know that I won’t be able to do it for 8 weeks. I plan to take her out for short runs and was thinking the wrap would be a good idea for keeping peoples hands away.

  7. Christina says:

    Life must go on, lol. I took izzy grocery shopping with me when she was 3 weeks old. I put her in her moby, and we went to the store, the library, the hospital to visit the lactation consultant. The ped. who saw her at the hospital, the head labor and delivery nurse, and her official ped. all recommended not keeping her cooped up inside. Izzy has only been sick once, when she was 17 weeks old, when we picked up a sinus infection from someone at church. People would ask me why I had her out in the cold……um, first of all, you do realize that being out in the cold doesnt make you sick, germs do? 2nd, do you not see the 223420 blankets around this girl, added with the fact that she’s strapped to my chest? My baby may be a lot of things, but COLD she is not!

    Whew. Anyway, lol, I don’t see a problem with taking your baby out. Allowing tons of people to touch her is a different story, but just being out? Unless there’s an airborne pandemic going around, im pretty sure she’ll be ok, lol.

  8. Nerd Girl says:

    My parents stayed with us for 7 weeks after Lovegirl was born.

    For the first 4 weeks neither of us went anywhere except to her dr appointments. After 4 weeks I was allowed to go get my hair washed and set. At 5 weeks I was allowed to take her out – we went to Target.

    I was pretty much on lockdown. I wasn’t even allowed to go up and down the stairs at will. My parents were like pick a spot for the day – upstairs or down. They ran all my errands, did all the cooking and cleaning. All I did was take care of the baby.

    If I ever have another baby (so not in the plans!) I would do it the same way. One of the best times of my life – all I had to do was slow down, relax, and enjoy my sweet babe.

  9. 1969 says:

    I grew up Caribbean so I am down with the keeping the baby in the house/away from strangers unless it’s a necessary outing. Hey, it’s ingrained in my upbringing. LOL

    That being said, that’s MY opinion. Every parent has to do what is comfortable for them and guess what? THE BABY WILL BE FINE. Live by your rules Babsie and do YOU. You love Foxy and will not do anything to harm her. You are her mommy. Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion.

  10. Ames says:

    I think having a baby can make a person drawn to newborns. It’s such a sweet time of life.

    When I see people pushing their newborn I don’t touch but I try to get a good enough look so I can awww and ohhhhh.

    I think it’s cruel to flaunt a baby I am related to and forbid me to hold them.

  11. Mrs TDJ says:

    I think my first outing with my son was lunch after his one month checkup. I didn’t have a preset amount of time in my head for how long I would keep him in the house. Honestly? I was simply a punk and kinda intimidated about traveling and being out with him. So, for the next month or two, unless Mom or Hubby was available, I didn’t take him anywhere alone. I let any family or friends touch him, but no strangers. I chilled out with the Purel and stuff because I did want him to be exposed to some germs and not be the boy in the bubble. *lol* Do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

  12. S23 says:

    I don’t recall going a lot of places with Tyler. He started daycare at 6 weeks though. Before that if I had somehere to go, someone would come to my house to watch him. I think I may have taken him to church in b/t that 6 weeks but he was covered up and I didn’t allow anyone to touch him. I was bored in the house, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

  13. DD from MD says:

    My first was a preemie so she was confined to the hospial for two months. Once she came home it was pretty much to the doctor’s office or hospital for checkups for the first month or so. By the time she was 4 months old we were vacationing at Disney World.

    With the second baby, she was out and about around 2 weeks old. My oldest had a dance recital and who exactly was I supposed to leave the baby with when everybody was going to the recital? Plus she was born at the beginnig of the summer so I wasnt too worried about cold and flu germs.

    Baby #3 was born in late fall so other than doctor’s appointments he was in the house for the first month or so. Actually I take that back. He went to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s house when he was 10 day old. But he was tucked away upstairs. When he was just over a month old we went to see the Nutcracker. We went to the movies (when they are little like that it really is the best time for you to go), the mall (had some last minute Christmas shopping), and the grocery store. Now please believe the trips were fairly infrequent and quick and nobody was allowed to touch him. But I will not apologize for taking him out of the house before others think it was ok to do so. I think if you take the proper precautions there is nothing to worry about.

    Now my cousin that had her 2-week old at the 4th of July cookouts two days in a row, letting everybody and their mama, and their kids touch the baby. Even after she had to take the baby to the hospital because he had difficulty breathing.. I had to give her a piece of my mind… but in a nice way :-).

  14. pserendipity says:

    Yay! Glad you got the swing of the sling! 🙂 You didn’t know I was poetic like that, did ya.

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