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I get that she is his employee and not his friend, I just thought it weird that she would sit so dang far from him. Why couldn’t she move just a couple of rows back? What if he needed her?

Half way through the movie she got up, said something to him and left. She came back 45 min later. I wonder where she went.

Incidentally, “Knight and Day” was cute. Kinda like Mission: impossible but more silly. I like Tom Cruise in those kind of roles.

Oh and as far as me taking my newborn to a movie- why wouldn’t I? She sleeps and I get out of the house for a couple of hours. It’s a win-win for the O’Learys.

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9 Responses to More thoughts

  1. krissy says:

    Just thinking about the lack of shots and the amount of strangers that are in a movie theather is all.

    There were a total of 8 people in the theater. I go at 1030 in the morning for a reason.

    • krissy says:

      No judgement was just curious. I’m not trying to tell you how to raise ur child. Don’t jump done my throat 😉

      I wasn’t. We’re cool.

  2. keyalus says:

    I wish I wouldn’t have been so fearful of going to the movies with a newborn! I certainly can’t go now. At 10 months, he’s too mobile and the excitement would prevent him from napping.

    • krissy says:

      Lol he’d ruin it for everyone! So would princess J at this age. I was shocked she sat fairly quiet as I watched toy story( at home) and fell asleep before it was over.

  3. pserendipity says:

    Since you asked….I must admit that I was, too, taken aback by the number of places that you and Foxy go. The very THOUGHT of me taking Aidan somewhere before he had his first shots was NOT allowed — neither by my mother, grandmother, aunts or by his doctor. He went two places, the doctor and the house. It might be a Southern thing, but all of my friends have the same stories — you don’t take the baby out before his first shots. And I had a c-section, so they had me on SUPER lock for 6 weeks. Shoot, even after that, people were still like “You got that new baby outside?!?!”

    I understand that there were only 8 people in the theater, but how many people touched the door to get in, the seat that you sat in, the seat that you sat Foxy in. No matter how careful you are, you still have a baby with virtually no immune system and brand new skin.

    • krissy says:

      That was my exact thinking but I didn’t wanna come off all judgy and what not since foxy is not my little girl. But my friends and fam(and doc) were the same way when princee J was brand new.

    • ames says:

      My paternal and maternal family has been in California since the early 1900’s. They are the same way so it isn’t just a southern thing. New mom has to stay indoors for 6 weeks and the baby for at least 2 months.

      My paternal family takes turns coming by to take care of you because you really aren’t supposed to get out of bed and do anything that resembles work.

      I laid around, breast fed, napped and cuddled my kid for the first couple of months.

      I have the cousins who were out with the week old baby and they still get talked about.

  4. Deljah says:

    we took our daughter to the movies at an early age. It was the best! Once she got older, she couldn’t really be contained. I took her to see the Princess and the Frog, and it was a total failure!

    I think it’s fine to take her out with you where ever you need/want to go. she’s getting your immunizations and germ resistance through that good ol’ breast feeding. She’s covered. 🙂 Keep riding out!

    It’s really daycare that is the major cause for concern. My daughter went to daycare at about 5 months and immediately caught a cold, which she then gave to me. She hadn’t even had a runny nose before that, despite being a winter baby!

  5. najalimu says:

    Our little one enjoyed her first movie “The Karate Kid” a few weeks ago. She was snug as a bug in her wrap!

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