Undercover Mother

I never considered myself one to nurse in public.  I always felt that was for crunchy granola mothers who went out in public sans bra and sans deep conditioner.  Even when I procured one of those handy dandy nursing covers, I never thought I’d use it outside of my grandma’s house at the next family gathering.  I did in fact, use it at Tim’s mom’s house the first time I went over there with the baby.  I was comfortable nursing in front of his mother, but not his aunts.  The nursing cover served its purpose, so I kept it in my diaper bag along with all the other necessities.

One day, I was out to lunch and my daughter became hungry.  I hadn’t planned on being out during the lunch hour or else I would have pumped and brought a bottle so I did what I had to do.

We were on a patio and there was only one other table, so I felt comfortable nursing her in broad daylight.  Had we been inside where there were many more patrons, I don’t think I would have been as comfortable.  And if I didn’t have my nursing cover, I definitely would not have done it.

Do you nurse in public?  Do you use a nursing cover or do it freestyle?  Have you ever received any nasty looks from strangers?

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13 Responses to Undercover Mother

  1. krissy says:

    You know, I don’t mind seeing mothers breastfeed in public. What I do mind is a woman forcing her nipples upon my eyesight in public. Like no cover up just teet for all to see. That’s what I don’t wanna see in public. A light weight blanket or something of that nature is what’s called for when out in public and ur baby needs to eat.

  2. keyalus says:

    The few times I had to do it, I was in a car so I didn’t really have to cover up.

    I’m not offended by it – cover or not. I wouldn’t want someone to put a blanket over my head when I eat…why does the baby have to have that? Once the baby is latched on everything is not so exposed anyway.

    I can’t say I would feel comfortable with my business all out, but I wouldn’t give anyone a nasty look.

  3. Ames says:

    I use a pashmina. I love scarves/shawls so it’s functional and part of my style.

    I breasffeed most anywhere. I live in West L.A. and bf’ing is the thing to do. Women do it at yoga, at the baby gym, sidewalk cafes, the park jamba juice, malls, sidewalk benches. I have been at kmart or pottery barn for kids and if the baby starts crying people will say the baby is hungry. If they see me adjusting my scarf they will say getting the kid fed or try to help me

    I started out trying to do it only on private until I realized it’s the in thing amongst the westside moms. I breastfeed while walking to the park and all I get are smiles.

  4. SimplyB says:

    I plan to nurse wherever necessary but with a cover. It doesn’t bother me to see other mothers.

  5. Nerd Girl says:

    I nursed wherever whenever. I didn’t use a cover up. I never felt like all my business was out. Could be ’cause I don’t have a lot of business….LOL!

  6. krissy says:

    You ladies haven’t seen the boobage I have out in public. I think a womans body is beautiful and it it weren’t for eve and that damn apple everyone would still be nekkid( true story) but since she did and we wear clothes now, seeing a woman sitting in the mall with her tit all exposed with everyone around is just inappropriate.

    Whatever coverup you use doesn’t have to rest on the babies head, it rests on the shoulder and arm of the mother. Just gives mom and baby some privacy.

    I just don’t wanna ever have to hear my nephew say again in public ” look I can see her nickles”

    • Barista says:

      LOL @ nickles

      I think the fear of nudity (society, not anyone here specifically) is kinda silly myself. We’re talking about boobs feeding a baby, not a woman spread eagle with no panties on top of a table in a family establishment.

      Really I don’t care if someone wants to cover or not – her choice.

      • Ms.K says:

        yes girl they call em nickles to this day! HE couldnt pronounce it well when he was smaller and now he’s 8 and still says nickles and so does his siblings. I think it’s too cute and funny.

  7. sherri says:

    Wow, I am impressed! You’ve said you are well endowed. So am I, but I have never been able to master the art of descreet breastfeeding. Once I’m started, maybe… but it takes a degree of manuvering to get the LO latched and adjusted. 😉

  8. MrsTDJ says:

    I’m in the minority – I never planned to nurse in public and I never did. I know it’s natural, but I’m not a big fan. I think that it’s a private act between a mother and child. I don’t however, frown upon or give dirty looks to mothers who choose to do it in public (while appropriately covered).

  9. amyg says:

    I would have killed for one of those covers when I was nursing…I think they came out right after Mia. I did do it in public if I could do it and be discreet. Always under a blanket. Worst case – the car.

  10. Deljah says:

    I never nursed in public. It wasn’t my thing. Of course, my baby was on formula as well, so it was super easy to give her a bottle.

    About those nickels (lol), with some of us, it would have been half dollars! hahaha

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