17 July, 2010 14:36

Today I let Foxy nap on her tummy.

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12 Responses to 17 July, 2010 14:36

  1. krissy says:

    Princess J tended to nap best while on her tummy. She just start sleeping on her back last month

  2. Coop says:

    She’s so cute!
    If I tried to sleep in that position, I wouldn’t be able to move anything at the hip in the morning and my knees would be aching. Must be nice, Foxy. Enjoy that flexibility. LOL!

  3. C says:

    While sleeping on his tummy, my nephew would tuck his legs like that too. Too cute.

  4. S23 says:

    She looks so sweet! I was looking thru Tyler’s baby book the other day..

  5. JennBMe says:

    Adorable! Sleep tight little Foxy!

  6. creolepeach says:

    Too cute. Looks like she’s getting some good sleep.

  7. Tiombe25 says:

    SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!! How cute!

  8. AR Gal says:

    She is the sweetest thing!

  9. If only I could get sleep like that again. *sigh*

  10. pserendipity says:

    Aidan still sleeps like that now, with his legs tucked under him. She looks like that is a gooood nap!

  11. t. sheree says:


  12. ondrea says:

    I am late but I love the picture!!!

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