Six Weeks

On Wednesday, Foxy and I reached the six week milestone since her birth. It’s hard to believe it has been six weeks already. It seems like just the other day she was punching my bladder and making me eat crazy food like Panda Express.

I am really happy with her development thus far. When I first brought her home she was nothing more than a cuddly little lump that slept constantly in between feedings.

At six weeks she stays awake a lot more often. She is even on somewhat of a schedule which makes planning my days much easier. Hint: for the most excitement holla at my girl from 8am until 10am.

Foxy now recognizes me as her mommy. It’s cool to see her focus on me in a room full of people. And when we are alone, my mere presence will cause her to stop crying. I think she might actually like me!

My favorite part of her development is watching her focus on things. I was delighted the first time I put her on her activity mat and turned the lights and music on. She went crazy kicking and smiling!

This weekend she has been fixated on ceiling fans. I think she thinks they are giant mobiles in the sky! Too bad I don’t have any at home.

Six weeks has also been pretty good to me. Without even trying I have lost nearly all of the extra weight. I have just three pounds to go. Unfortunately none of my clothes will fit me. I may have lost all the weight, but what is left has shifted like tectonic plates.

Fortunately, my doctor has cleared me for exercise. I am hoping to start a routine that will help me fit back into my clothes. Otherwise I’ll be wearing those lame ass maternity pants when I return to work next month.

My doctor has also cleared me for getting back in the pool as well as knockin boots. Guess which one Tim is excited about.

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2 Responses to Six Weeks

  1. krissy says:

    I’ll take swimming for 600 Alex!

    Of course he’s excited about that but make sure he knows your still extra fertile #fact

    My sister and bro n law are now the proud parents of 3 month twin boys who were born 10 after my used to be youngest nephew who just made 1 last month.

    Better them than me. I take EVERY precaution now. iRefuse! Lol

  2. 1969 says:

    Awww…soon she will be running aroung wreaking havoc! I love it.

    As for the exercise, start with walking. You can even walk with Foxy in her stroller. Just remember…it took 9 months to gain it and it will take just as long to lose it. Don’t get discouraged. Remember, I gained 55 pounds with Tali 1!

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