Baby Nurse???

Okay, I’m sitting here and watching Be.thenney Getting Mar.ried.  Her friend just came over with her month-old son to show Beth what a baby looks like.  I totally get that because I did the same thing with Keyalus.  But here are my thoughts…

#1- Father, forgive me, but that baby is U-G-L-Y and he ain’t got no alibi.  I would NOT be parading that little gremlin around if I was the mother.  Yes, I know this will probably elicit some hateful comments.  Go ahead I’m ready.

#2- Where did she get jeans that tiny that fit him perfectly?  I’m guessing she had them tailor-made because she knew she’d be on tv. 

#3- A baby nurse?  For a 4 week old baby?  I get that the rich and fabulous can afford such niceties, and I can see having one for the first three days or even a week.  But at four months she shouldn’t be needing a freakin baby nurse.  She has to put in some work for her own child, right?

The whole situation reminds of the book I just finished reading, “The Help.”  A rich white woman hires a black woman to come in and raise her child.  I ain’t mad at the nurse, though.  She is probably making a pretty penny, and now that she has been on this show she will likely get a whole lot more business.  Good for her!

#4- Why does no one in this circle know nothing about birthing babies?  The assistant didn’t know it was soap?

#5- Co-sign Beth and the revelation that the epidural is the greatest thing ever!  I will never understand why people don’t get it.  Don’t be a martyr!

In other news, is it just me or was Beth’s usually dorky husband looking scrumdillyitious stepping out of the shower?

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8 Responses to Baby Nurse???

  1. krissy says:

    U know just as well as I do that most mothers think their children are the most beautiful things on earth Nd no one can tell em different. . . That’s all I’m gon say about that. . . Lol

  2. missmajestic says:

    Every baby aint cute. some people have to evolve or work on what they got.

  3. Rehab says:

    Was the baby four months? I thought she said four weeks?

  4. 1969 says:

    Drugs are good! Get the epidural.

  5. “The Help” was great…loved it!

  6. keyalus says:

    I thought “The Help” was entertaining and well-written. It kind of pissed me off though because I’ve read the same story of black maids and their white bosses a million times – from black authors. They don’t get near the kind of play that this book did. Why?

    I did not want to avoid an epidural to prove something or be a martyr. I just wanted to avoid all the things associated with an epidural that can more easily lead to a C-section. I ended up getting one at 9cm once I realized that epi or not I was on that road to C-Section anyway because Lewis was not moving down.

    The pain before was bad but not unmanageable. Had my labor been that bad, I would have gotten the shot earlier. Once I got the epi, I was still uncomfortable because of that stupid catheter! What was up with that? Next time around, I will try to avoid an epi if possible. I REALLY don’t want to have a C-Section again so anything I can do to reduce those chances is good.

  7. keyalus says:

    Oh – and Beth’s husband totally has the body of a Ken doll! He is very cut for a geeky dude.

  8. DD from MD says:

    I had all of these exact thoughts! Especially #1 and “in other news”.

    …Sounds like I have a book option for my trip to the beach in two weeks.

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