Anger Management

I am so angry right now I am teetering between sobbing and throwing a hammer through the television.

I am angry at people being careless with my shit.

I am angry at myself because I know people are careless with my shit and I didn’t do a better job of guarding my shit.

I am angry because in an effort to be nice, I put myself in a position to get screwed.

I am angry at myself for making the dumbest of mistakes and now I must live with the consequences for a very long time.

I am angry because life is supposed to be easy breezy and mine is constantly filled with bullshit.

I am angry because I am stuck.

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16 Responses to Anger Management

  1. Kena says:

    Luckily you have Foxy to balance out all of that extra.

  2. krissy says:

    o.O *passes out hugs*

  3. dmac says:

    I feel you on being mad at yourself when you go against your better judgement and things go wrong. BUT, don’t throw a hammer at the TV….that’ll be just one more thing you’ll have to replace!

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Don’t throw a hammer at the TV. Go look at Foxy!!!

  5. GeckoGirl says:

    Hope things get better soon. Go ahead and sob just don’t dwell in it for too long.

  6. missalid says:

    Hug to you Babs!

  7. MrsTDJ says:

    Sorry that you’re angry Babs! Hugs to you and I hope things get better soon!

  8. ondrea says:

    Ditto what DMAC said. Big Hugs!!!!

  9. Tiombe25 says:

    Things will get better ! ((HUGS))

  10. Honest says:

    Sending you a Cyber Hug.

  11. coco327 says:


  12. Au Naptural says:

    Wooooo saaaaa! Only throw hammers when you’re near OTHER people’s belongings 🙂 Hope it gets better for you. ((Hugs))

  13. Just now passing by and hoping you are feeling better chica..It will pass!

  14. Gladys says:

    Just cry it out, girl…just cry it out. Hugs, lady.

  15. laughing808 says:

    Lil Ms. Foxy should be your inspiration to diffuse the anger.

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