Day 6: Last Dance

Today is Friday.  My last Friday free to be with Foxy.  This time next week I’ll be at the plantation.

When I think I about it I start to cry.  Yesterday I cried for a full ten minutes.  I can’t imagine how I’ll be next week.  I need to get it together because the inevitable is coming.

Instead I’ll try to focus on quality time with the baby.  This morning I think we’ll hang out at the house.  She is currently smiling and kicking me. She’ll be asleep in another hour and I’ll probably nap with her.

I’m keeping one of her brothers for a couple of hours this afternoon so I’ll probably take them to lunch. 

We might go catch our last movie after his dad picks him up.  That movie may or may not involve 3D glasses and a bunch of twentysomethings gyrating on the dance floor.

I also need to pick up a book to read since Barnes & Noble hasn’t gifted me a Nook.  If you have any reading suggestions please share.  I’m looking for something lighthearted.

The rest of the day will be spent hanging out at the house.  I’ll read to Foxy and get some time on her tummy and on her activity mat.

We need to get our last little bit of mommy-baby time because my mom arrives tomorrow.  Guess I should put some groceries in the house.

Looks like today is going to be pretty busy!

What is on tap for you today?

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4 Responses to Day 6: Last Dance

  1. CaliSlim says:

    So you are going back next week. I thought you got an extra 4….

    Sorry for the confusion. Mommy wrote me the email back in May. If it weren’t for her I would have gone back to work mid-July.

  2. LyNn says:

    Enjoy your day with the baby!

    Nothing special is happening today..just work and bk home.

  3. AR Gal says:

    Nothing spectacular over here either. Auntie is keeping it low key with the boys today while doing a bit of house cleaning in between.

  4. mzinspiredmind81 says:

    Ahh man. I thought you had an extra 4wks too. 😦
    Today will be spent cleaning up around the house and getting ready for next work week. I did NOTHING while on vacation…#forshame

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