Day 12: My (Diaper) Bag

A Change of Clothes in a ziplock bag

Burp Cloth


Pacifier Wipes



Samples of Diaper Creme and ointment for my nickles

Pen-style Hand Sanitizer

Brown Baby Plush Rattle (from my baby shower)

Compact Mirror (from my good friends at Nintendo)

Lip Gloss

A Quarter

Exciting stuff, huh?

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9 Responses to Day 12: My (Diaper) Bag

  1. 1969 says:

    I don’t miss that bag at all! I used to keep spare diapers and clothing in my trunk along with spare supplies at all times.

  2. C says:

    Nice! The brown baby rattle is too cute.

  3. That is a rather cute diaper bag. I would have thought it was a purse. Great color!

  4. Krissy says:

    My diaper bag USE to look a little something like that lol. I’m on my 3rd bag which is a fancy back pack that fits all her big girl stuff very nicely. The best part about her getting bigger is I can carry much less stuff 🙂

  5. cbean says:

    Ummm, and what is the quarter for?

  6. GatorGirl says:

    Yeah…I want to know what the quarter is for too!

  7. jamie says:

    add taser gun and ASP tactical baton to use on dumb question askin’ morons and you’ll be set.

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