Things Married Women Never Get Asked

Cafeteria Dude: Hey, lady!  Welcome back!  Where’s the pictures?

Babs: Hi!  I’ll bring pictures of her next time I come down. 

Cafeteria Dude:  Oh, you had a girl?  That’s great.

Babs:  Yeah, she’s lovely.

Cafeteria Dude:  So how’s the dad?  Is he coming around at all to see the baby?

Babs: *side eye*

Mind you, I don’t even know Cafeteria Dude like that.  I don’t even know his name!  How does he know I’m not married and why does he assume that just because I’m not married that my BD (baby daddy) is missisng in action?

Furthermore, why did he have to say that in a room full of people?!?!?

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18 Responses to Things Married Women Never Get Asked

  1. onefromphilly says:

    Because he is a rude son-0f-a-bitch! And next time whisper that in his ear.

  2. I hate people. Sometimes they should just shut the hell up.

  3. Michael says:

    What TIH said!

  4. Krissy says:

    Ugh@ the term ” baby daddy” I hate that with a passion!

    And its funny I never get asked about princess j sperm donor. People always assume he has to be the best and most proud dad to have such a beatutiful little girl o.O. yea. . . Okay lol

  5. Ms. Smart says:

    Rude. It’s none of his business.

    He probably assumed you weren’t married cus you know, we don’t get married. *sigh*

  6. ames says:

    I had a male ask me if my husband wanted kids or did I get pregnant
    against his will. I was speechless. Maybe some people
    find it odd that black people consider
    children to be gifts. Or maybe their parents didn’t want them and they
    think reluctant parenting is the way it is.

  7. AR Gal says:

    I talk a lot of shit but that mf’er would have gotten checked for that right then and there.

  8. ondrea says:

    Wow, that was inappropriate whether it was in front of people or between just the two of you. Some folks don’t know what to say out of their mouths.

  9. JennBMe says:

    He’s an ass!

  10. dmac says:

    Ignant Azz! I just would have looked at him crazy, cuz you know he can get loud QUICK!

  11. MrsTDJ says:

    What an ass. Folks just don’t know what to say outta their mouths. Even if his silly tail was minding your business and thinking stupid ish, he never should have said it.

  12. jamie says:

    simply stated- some people are stupid!

  13. C says:

    What Jamie said and they lack couth. Plain and simple.

  14. justJENN says:

    DHAHA That’s so stupid! What a jerk!

  15. Ok, that was rude. he deserved more than the side eye.

  16. GG says:

    He would have gotten the side eye followed by a back hand and then a step over (cuz he would have been on the floor)…..he’s an a**.

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