Day 16: Kissing Game

I remember my first kiss vividly.  I was in my early teens and was at a local teen dance club with one of my best friends.  Do they still have teen clubs?  Probably not.  I sure as hell won’t be allowing Foxy to attend such venues.  All that gyrating and stuff.  And that was back in the late eighties.  I shudder to think of what today’s 8th and 9th graders are getting into.  Straight up

Thankfully, or not so thankfully, my mom wasn’t nearly as strict as I plan to be.  She let me run off to the teen club whenever my little friend could get her big sister to take us.  Whenever we went I saw a guy named John.  That’s pretty much all I can remember about John.  His first name.  Hey, it was 20 years ago, cut me some slack.

One evening John and I were bumping and grinding on the dance floor, in the awkward way that 14 year-olds do, when he leaned in and kissed me.  Right there on the dance floor in front of everyone!  And I am not talking about a peck on the lips, I’m talking full-on tongue down my throat.  No shame!

I remember being so excited that I was finally kissing a boy.  At the same time, I wasn’t prepared for how wet it was going to be.  Ewwwww!

That was the last time I saw John and it was shortly after that that the club closed all together.  It would be nearly two years before I would let a boy kiss me again.  At that time I perfected my kissing game and have been killing them softly ever since.

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3 Responses to Day 16: Kissing Game

  1. AR Gal says:

    And now for musical selection

  2. t. sheree says:

    Kill ’em softly, girl! Lol

    That musical selection was just what I needed to perk up a bit this morning. Thanks, AR Gal!

  3. Barrister says:

    I’m still shame about my first kiss. It was 7 th grade and my only reference for kissing was soap operas – can you guess where I’m going with this?? I was just moving my head all around like a retard!!! To make matters worse – he told people that I couldn’t kiss. Ever since then, I been making it rain with my kisses instead of making it dizzy. LOL

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