Day 22: Bullsh!t

Nothing upsets me more, than a bullshitter.  You know, someone that is constantly telling lies and half truths.  It takes a while to catch on to a bullshitter, but once you do you second guess everything they tell you.  They can tell you it’s raining outside and you will get up out of your seat to see for yourself.

A bullshitter can come in many forms.  They can be innocent or malicious in their bullshit. 

There is the time-challenged bullshitter.  They might tell you they’ll meet you at 7 and not show up until 815.  Once or twice is an acceptable oversight, but when they are constantly late you know they are bullshitting you so you adjust yourself accordingly.  You start telling them the event starts at 6 instead.

The braggart bullshitter is another one.  This is the one that is trying to impress you with their lies.  For example, they tell you they are having lunch with the mayor on Thursday and then Thursday comes and goes and no mention of the lunch.  You ask how it went and the bullshitter will tell you that it was postponed until next week.  Rinse and repeat and next week you are getting another excuse as to why the lunch didn’t take place.

Excuses roll off a bullshitters tongue like bowling balls down a steep hill.

The worst kind of bullshitter is the artful dodger.  They avoid all direct questions.  You might ask a bullshitter something simple like “what did you have for lunch” and the they will act like they didn’t hear you.  Or they might ask why you want to know or tell you not to worry about it.  Yep, that’s the worst kind of bullshitter.

Whatever type of bullshitter you meet, one thing is for certain…they are full of shit.

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4 Responses to Day 22: Bullsh!t

  1. CaliSlim says:

    ((HUGS)) Sorry friend.

  2. KJ says:

    Funny (but not really) I know all three. Smh…

  3. Barrister says:

    Yep. They walk amongst us!

  4. amista says:

    Agreed – and well said!

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