Before going back to work I read somewhere how important it is to establish a solid routine to make the days go more smoothly.  Truer words have never been spoken.  All though it is exhausting and time-consuming, having a routine really helped out this past week.  To my new moms and moms to be, take note!

Foxy did great in daycare.  The first day they told me she cried a little and they think she was missing me, but by the third day she was comfortable with her teachers and getting naps and bottles in on a pretty good schedule.  Her naps weren’t as long as they are at home, but they were long enough that she wasn’t cranky by the time I picked her up.

In the mornings I drop Foxy off and head to work.  While at work I have to pump once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  I know how important the pumping is, but I have to say I really dislike it.  I feel guilty about being away from my desk and I hate lugging that stuff to work every day.  But it provides a nutritious (and free) meal to Foxy so I’ll keep pressing on.

After I pick Foxy up from daycare, we head straight home.  Once home we immediately go upstairs and wash our faces and change clothes.  Then we head to the kitchen where we spend about 30 minutes washing and sterilizing bottles. 

Next we either nurse or she takes a nap depending on what she last did at daycare.  I love that they give me a written schedule so I can see exactly what she did all day.  I can tell if she has eaten enough or napped enough.  Hell, I even know if she had a poopy diaper.

While she is napping, I lay out her clothes for the next day and finish making bottles.  Each bottle has to be labeled with her name and the date on it.  I try to do other little house work while she is sleeping.  Once she is up again it’s all about the quality time.  We play on the floor or read or just sit and talk.

Around 7pm we head upstairs and have a nice bath.  By the time I put her in her jammies, she is ready to go to sleep.  Seriously, this routine is so great, by the time I finish buttoning her up her eyes are half closed and she is gone by around 8pm.

After that I take the opportunity to lay out my own clothes before heading back downstairs.  Then I find myself some dinner and do some blogging or facebooking while watching television.

Work isn’t done, though.  Before  I go to sleep I pump one last time so my b.reasts aren’t so full through the night.

Foxy wakes up twice during the night.  She is even looking for her paci less so I am starting to get less interrupted sleep.  Two of those night I found myself going to bed 10 minutes after she did which means I got 5 hours of straight sleep before her first waking.  I felt brand new!

I wake up at 630 in the morning.  Sometimes she gets up then too.  I bring her to my bed to wait for me while I shower.  Around 7am I feed her and then get her dressed and freshened up.  Then I finish getting myself dressed.

We head downstairs, grab her bottles and head out the door and the day is started!

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10 Responses to Routine

  1. juli says:

    Hey lady! I love reading about how your early motherhood days are going! You look great! I wasn’t sure if I missed something, but you haven’t mentioned Tim in a while. Everything okay?

  2. Ms.K says:

    Once I had to return to work I also had to work out a routine because since we wouldn’t be together all day like before, things were going to change.

    Mine goes something like this:
    Bedtime: 7:30-8pm

    Wake 3:30 for food

    Sleep until 5:30-6 ( sometimes later and I never wake her, I like her to wake up on her own. She’s less cranky that way)

    We’re usually out of the house by 6:45 and at daycare by 7am. Typically this is when she gets in her morning nap ( those are truly important since she doesn’t really nap at daycare anymore)

    I pick her up around 3:45. We head home. We spend a couple of hrs of Q.T before Food at 7ish. After that it’s bathtime. And then I lay her down for bed.

    She’s like clock work and she doesn’t sway from her weekly routine. The weekends are different. She seems to be able to distinguish one from the other which is awesome( because we get to sleep in! lol)

    Needless to say, I love the weekends where we can spend every second together. Life of a working single mom never ends 🙂

  3. kim says:

    Nice routine! Don’t feel guilty about leaving your desk to pump! I never breastfed my children but I know it’s important and working in a clinic I see the benefits of it! I am sure you work with other parents and they understand. It’s something you have to do for your child. I applaud your doing it! Foxy is too cute!

    • AR Gal says:

      “Don’t feel guilty about leaving your desk to pump!”

      I agree! They have a ‘Mother’s Room’ at my plantation for mommy’s to go handle their business. I’ve even heard of folks going in the room to take a siesta or two. LOL

  4. Barrister says:

    I am so unorganized, I barely get myself out of the house. Kudos to you for being able to do it all. I got tired just reading it!

  5. CaliSlim says:

    So…this is motherhood huh? *exhales slowly*

  6. t. sheree says:

    Thanks for sharing! Mommy and baby have such full, busy days…I know you thoroughly enjoy your weekends. 🙂

    That pic of her sleeping is oh so adorable.

  7. S23 says:

    This reminds me of Tyler’s baby days. Makes me smile b/c you seem like a great mommy! Do they read to her at daycare?

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