Day 25: Firsts

First Concert– Prince, Purple Rain tour

First Car– 1981 Toyota Corolla

First Boyfriend– C.T.

First Trip Overseas– Japan when I was 2

First Trip that my Mom didn’t Pay for– Phoenix with a friend

First Job– Cashier at Mei.jer

First Job in Collegetown– Burl.ington Coat Factory

First Best Friend– Lori F

First Friend in Atlanta that I am still Friends With– Disco Diva

First Cassette Tape– Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill

First CD– MC Hammer, Please Don’t Hurt Em

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2 Responses to Day 25: Firsts

  1. K. Rock says:

    My brother had that Hammer cd and I loved it! I just recently got it for my son.

    My first tape I ever bought was Another Bad Creation.

  2. kimmy says:

    Japan when you were 2! I can’t imagine taking a toddler on a long flight like that. I would be nervous about keeping the kid occupied for that amount of time without going crazy! LOL My friend just went and said it was a 12 hour flight!

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