On Any Given Day…

Foxy pretty much wears the same thing to daycare everyday- pants and a shirt.  I like to keep her legs covered so they don’t get cold.  Her clothes are nice.  Mostly from Carter’s and Target so she never looks like a scrub. 

This morning as I dropped her off I noticed that the babies were looking particularly dapper for a Friday.  Then I remembered it was picture day.  Crap.  Sure she was clean and clothed, but certainly not good enough for picture day.  I hadn’t even brushed her hair straight.

I contemplated going back to the house and getting a dress for her to wear, but I knew I had just had her pictures taken the day before (complete with wardrobe changes) so it was really no big deal.  There was just one problem…

The other parents don’t know Foxy had her pics taken the day before.  I don’t want anyone thinking I’m the bad mom who doesn’t dress her child properly for picture day!

So I went back home and grabbed the cutest dress I could find.  Okay, really I didn’t.  I had to get to work!

I was telling a coworker about this morning and he said something very profound…

“Babs, here’s something you need to know now that you have a child in daycare.  On any given day someone has to be the bad parent.  Today was your turn.”

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9 Responses to On Any Given Day…

  1. C says:

    “Babs, here’s something you need to know now that you have a child in daycare. On any given day someone has to be the bad parent. Today was your turn.”

    -I laughed out loud, yo. Totally not a bad parent situation, but thanks for the laugh.

  2. krissy says:

    You are kidding right? A bad mother for not remembering it was picture day? At daycare? I’m gonna assume you are kidding( kinda at least) I guess I don’t care what other parents think about my child. I just like her to leave the house neat and clean. This morning she didn’t want her hair combed and I didn’t want to fight her so I didn’t comb it. I let her be free. Slid her on a headband with a bow and that was that. If someone has something to say about it, then oh well.

  3. *Coop* says:

    No! That was mean.
    I kinda agree, but…not having her dressed the way you’d like doesn’t make you a bad parent!

  4. CaliSlim says:

    Whether it’s shoes on Foxy’s feet or her dressed to the nines on picture day folks are ALWAYS going to have something to say. So stop caring about what other people think or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

  5. jamie says:

    *sigh* a bad picture day outfit doe not a bad parent make

  6. Pserendipity says:

    Babs, I totally feel you!!! It’s like that day Aidan wore his school uniform to tball practice and all the other kids were in head to toe ball gear. You just never wanna be the parent everybody else is shaking their head at thinking “poor Foxy, her mama doesn’t have a clue…”. You always wanna BE the one shaking your head at the other loser parents!

    The bad news is: there’ll be more days like this.

  7. vivavivax says:

    LOL. Don’t worry about foxy’s outfit. I had tons of fashion-mishap pictures when I was a kid but I don’t blame my mom. By the way, I like your blog’s theme!

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