Strictly FB

My birthday was okay.  I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I was super tired.  In the morning, Foxy and I went and had mommy-baby pics taken and I also wanted to chronicle her 12th week.  I know you guys think I take way too many pics of her, and I probably do but I want there to be plenty of memories of her when she gets older.  I go to one of those mall places that are perfect for people with small kids.  I bought a membership and I had coupons so I got a boatload of pics for about ten bucks.  Seriously.  Four different poses for 10 bucks!

Sidebar: I have created Foxy’s private photo blog.  If you know me and want to follow along, hit me up on email.

After our photoshoot, where Miss Crankypants refused to smile, we went to the office for a bit to say goodbye to one of my fave coworkers.  Then we came home and chilled before meeting Disco Diva and Keyalus for dinner.  We had a nice time at dinner and I really appreciate them giving me some of their weeknight time.

I received a gang of well wishes on fa.cebook and I really appreciated the thoughtfulness.  But can I just say that the times have certainly changed.  Remember when we used to call people on their birthday?  Apparently that is out of style because my phone did not ring all day with the exception of my mom and my dad.  In the early evening the Girl called me and redeemed my faith in telecommunications.  Speaking of the Girl, I haven’t vacuumed carpet number one or busted a sud and she arrives tonight.  Good thing she already loves me!

I spent the rest of the evening watching my two least favorite house guests getting evicted and getting ready for Friday.

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8 Responses to Strictly FB

  1. CaliSlim says:

    Haha….I noticed the FB only wishes two years ago. I was a little offended at first but clearly I have joined that club. Glad you were able to spend your birthday with friends!

  2. CaliSlim says:

    P.S. That’s your baby, your FIRST baby. You can never take too many pics. She will love that you did when she’s older.

  3. Gladys says:

    I reserve texts/phone calls for those special people in my life…consider yourself one. 🙂 FB celebratory greetings just won’t do.

  4. 1969 says:

    I was in NYC for training all week and got home last night. Happy Belated Birthday Babsie! Hope it was special.

    And I want to see the baby blog!

  5. sundaze says:

    Happy Belated Babs!!!

  6. brannon says:

    happy belated birthday!

    i say, snap away…all the memories foxy and you will talk about for years to come!

    I’m SO happy those 2 were evicted as well!

  7. Honest says:

    Never enough pictures of your baby girl. I was just looking through some of my own pictures of me as a baby and there aren’t enough lol! School pictures once a year aren’t enough either.

    Totally understand about the FB and birthday wishes. I only got calls from my parents and sister. Then again I met up with some friends on the day of my birthday so they wished me happy birthday when we gathered.

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