Weekend in Review

The Girl was in town this weekend and all was right with the world.  When we picked her up from the airport she got all teary eyed.  What’s up with everyone crying when they see my baby girl?  The golden child, I tell ya!

We stopped at Little A.zio on the way from the airport and had a quick bite to eat.  I hadn’t eaten dinner and had a really light lunch so I was famished.  We had a nice time and Foxy was happy to be able to eat too.

Saturday we met up with the Intern for lunch.  I can’t believe the Girl and the Intern had never met.  Foxy was happy to see her Uncle Intern and we all enjoyed the patio on a warm Saturday afternoon.  We left the Intern to head to Piedmont Park for the Ice Cream Festival.

That’s right.  My favorite form of dessert had its own festival!  I had been wanting to get Foxy to Piedmont Park so this was the perfect occasion.  We met up with another friend for some cool treats.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived and only saw about 10 tents.  And only 4 or 5 of those vendors sold ice cream.  How was this a festival exactly?  Still, we came to eat ice cream and that is what we set out to do.

My first try was West.side Creamery. West.side!  I had the milk and honey ice cream.  It was a nice, light ice cream that would be delicious with a piece of cake or something.  After the ice cream we made our way up the line and ended up buying…wait for it…cupcakes.  At the ice cream festival.

I couldn’t help it.  I read the different flavors and just had to try the one that was called Campfire something or other.  My friend got the one with Hello Kitty (hey Jenn!) on it.  She said it was kinda dry, but I loved mine.  It had a graham cracker bottom with devils food (I think) and some kind of marshmallow topping.  It was really good.

There was an ice cream vendor with a super long line.  We passed right through it and headed to the homemade popsicle stand called Fresco Pops.  We got the raspberry Lavender Lemonade.


That damn popsicle was dy-no-mite!  It was fantastic!  It was full of flavor right down to the stick.  It was so good that we got right back in line and ordered another!  Seriously, it was so good that I felt high after eating it.  It gave me joy!

Too bad they aren’t located in Atlanta.  But I will be looking them up and finding out when they will be working another festival in the area.  Trust.  Oh and I already googled a recipe so I can make my own.

Sunday me, Foxy and the Girl put on our pretty dresses and headed to brunch at Ray’s on the River to celebrate my birthday belated and to celebrate the Girl’s birthday a day early.  Dark and Lovely and Rehab joined us.  And CaliSlim came at the end to say hi and chat.

We grubbed!  I didn’t have a single thing I didn’t like, and you know how I feel about buffets.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and preparing for the busy week ahead.

I’m so glad the Girl paid us a visit.  She is totally smitten with Foxy and I think the feelings are mutual!

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2 Responses to Weekend in Review

  1. Honest says:

    What a fantastic weekend. I’m still wondering about the festival with only a handful of ice cream vendors. Weird.

  2. thegirl says:

    You don’t know how sad I am that I haven’t held her all week. I miss her so much. Oh my little foxy. I’m so glad I came and I will be back very soon!

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