It’s Thursday…and I Got Nothing!

I’m lacking a real post today.  Forgive me.


I had a situation go down yesterday that was not at all as I intended.  I felt bad and sent a sincere apology to the offended.  No word back so I am assuming my apology was not accepted.  Nothing I can do, but I still feel bad.


I took my car to the shop for what should have been two hours of my time.  It turned into an all-day affair.  By the time Tim came to pick me up to grab lunch I was crying hysterically.  Not because of anything to do with my car, but because I spent the day away from Foxy for nothing.  If I had known I was going to be sitting on a couch at the mechanic’s shop for eight hours I could have had her with me!


I need a vacation.  Not the kind where I go to my grandmother’s or mother’s house and sleep in the guest room.  Not the kind where I have to make my bed and help do dishes.  I need a real deal vacation.  One with a heavenly bed, room service and fresh towels.  I need to sit by the pool.  I need sand in my toes!


The other day I got hit on by a man…with boobs.  For the record, I wouldn’t have been interested in him regardless, but why come the first man to approach me in nearly a year has to have man boobs!?

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One Response to It’s Thursday…and I Got Nothing!

  1. kim says:

    I hear u on the man boob dude! lol Maybe the person just needs a minute and will accept your apology! I hope so !

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