Momma’s Big Girl

No, for real.  Momma’s girl is big!  I blinked and she grew overnight.  I picked her up from daycare and I swear her pants were smaller than when I dropped her off.  Suddenly her pants were high waters and her shirt was a midriff.  I guess it’s time to put away the 0-3 months and go in search of 3-6 months.  Hell, who am I kidding, I need to go ahead and get 6 month clothes.  She’s growing every week!

She hit 14 weeks yesterday.  I can hardly believe how the time is flying.  Over the weekend she was sitting in her stroller and I was feeding her a bottle.  I pulled my hand away to shovel food into my mouth attend to something else and when I looked back she was holding her bottle.  Not with any great skill, mind you.  But the chick was getting her meal in.  I was so proud I almost cried!  Almost.

So I guess this weekend will be spent putting away her smallish summer clothes and findng my big girl some fall clothes.  We’ll also be in search of a couple of new bottles.  I want something she can get her hands on with ease.

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3 Responses to Momma’s Big Girl

  1. Ms. Smart says:


    And when you hear her call you ‘ma/momma/mommy’ for the first time, you are going to cry a bucket of tears. 🙂

  2. krissy says:

    I was just thinking the exact same thing about princess J! My girl is getting big! Some of her clothes that say 9 months are too small. All of her pants are looking a little short. So sweat suit shopping I will go after work because the weather in cali is getting quite weird. Baby clothes shopping is fun to me so its cool lol

  3. Honest says:

    The babies grow sooo fast!

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