Never Too Busy for You, Baby

The other day I was listening to a comedian being interviewed on a talk radio program.  The comedian was talking about how earlier in his career he was working three gigs to support his family.  Each day, after his second gig, he would drive nearly an hour home just to see his little girl when she got home from school.  Then he would drive another hour to get to his second gig.  Sure he could have had a couple of hours of downtime in between gigs, but what was important to him was seeing his daughter every day.  He made time for her. 

Yesterday, at the birthday party, there was a dad there with his daughter.  She isn’t too much older than Foxy and surely didn’t ask to attend the party.  I am certain he would have rather been at home watching football all afternoon, but there he was sitting on the floor with his little girl on his knee.  He put her first.  Not hot dates, or salsa lessons, or even his favorite sport.  He put time with his daughter first.

Now that I have a daughter  of my own, I have had to make drastic changes to my social life.  Basically, I don’t have one.  How could I with a new baby at home?  I’ve even made changes at work.  I have an upcoming event that takes place after business hours.  I have planned this event from the start.  I have personally selected everything from the menu to the DJ, but on the night of the event I will be there for the first fifteen minutes and then I have to say goodbye.  Foxy needs to be picked up from daycare and she comes before a shrimp and grits bar and free flowing wine. She is my priority.

I am always amazed at parents that don’t put their child before everything else.  How can a person bring a child into the world and then not have time for them?  Not MAKE time for them?

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7 Responses to Never Too Busy for You, Baby

  1. CaliSlim says:

    My heart jumps for joy at those Dad examples you mentioned. It jumps for joy for mom’s like you who do the same and never get the same credit.

    Just want to say I’m proud of you Babs. You excelled at being a socialite and you excel at motherhood. I just sit back and marvel, cuz you know my priority is heading to the shop to get fresh to def and workin out with my personal trainer! But that’s only cuz I don’t have kiddos. lol

    Keep on making us proud girl! 🙂

  2. amyg says:

    You are a wonderful mother. You will have no regrets with the choices you have made. There will definitely be consequences with the parents that don’t put their time in.

    my kids are 6 and almost 4 and they still come first all the time. I don’t have a real sitter for them yet besides my mom and when Mark and I do get out we are almost always home to put them to bed – now I think we are a bit extreme and maybe we need to cut the ties a bit, but I tell myself that it won’t always be this way and when they don’t need us as much we will have our time. Mark is the same way with the kids as that comedian and dad at the party. He truly enjoys every minute with the kids.

  3. sherri says:

    We told you your life would change!

    But seriously, it changes a lot at first and then slowly, you’ll be able to add back pieces of your old life. Her needs will change and you will adapt.

  4. Maisha says:

    Hi Babs,
    First of all let me start by saying that you have done such a fabulous job so far with Foxy, I am mostly a lurker but I make sure I stop by here to see what you are both up to.
    I think it was so nice of the dad to be with his little girl when he could have been elsewhere…there are few of those. It amazes me how some parents do not make the time for these types of events.
    I love spending time with my little one, they are so precious and they grow up so so fast – its easy to miss special moments of their growth if parents dont spend enough time with them.

  5. ames says:

    I think you can attend the event and maintain Foxy as your priority. If she was sitting at day care with no way home while you sipped wine, then I would question priorities.

    I am easing my way back into a regular social life. Its mandatory to my sanity.

    No, the daycare closes during the time the event occurs. I have to leave in time to get there before they close.

  6. okrehab says:

    I’m more than willing to babysit for you to give you a chance to attend the event. It takes a village, right? I’m serious. Cali Slim is right, you’re doing a great job at managing the transition, and I’d love to support you getting out any way I can.

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