All Through the Night

Last night I kept Foxy in my bed from the start.  It was an experiment to see if we could both sleep a little better.  I have to admit, being away from her all day, I loved having her in my bed.  I loved watching her slowly drift off into dreamland while I watched television.  I loved holding her little paw (yes that’s what I call them) while she snorted and grunted.  It was like bonus time that I wasn’t used to.

That’s pretty much where the love ended.

Foxy was laid up in my bed like it was HER bed and she was doing ME a favor by allowing me to sleep there!  All through the night she kept scooting closer and closer to me.  By the time the morning came, I was damn near sleeping on my night stand.  And you know that cute kicking thing she does to my gooey middle when I am changing her diaper?  Yeah, she did that all through the night.  In her sleep.  Kicking and scooting.  And snoring.  And hogging the bed.

My baby.

Still, I think I am a little more rested this morning than normal.  It helped not having to traipse back and forth between our two beds fifty-leven times.  It also helped that I could just feel for the pacifier with my eyes closed and shove it gently place it back in her mouth.  Oh and when she wanted to nurse it was great.  I would just hoist one of my tig oles in her mouth and then drift back off to sleep.  She would fall asleep on her own after her tummy got full.

So I think I will do the co-sleeping thing for a couple of weeks and see how it works out.  I just need to figure out how to let her know it’s MY bed and I deserve at least 40 percent of the space.

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13 Responses to All Through the Night

  1. krissy says:

    U should look into a sleeper. Its called ” first years close secure sleeper” and they sell it at target and I’m sure babies r us. That’ll keep her in her space and u can have urs and you won’t have the scooting issue. All babies do that when thy know mommy is in the bed with them. And it sucks lol.

  2. keyalus says:

    If you figure that out then share the secret. Lewis slept with us for quite a while and the bed hogging only got worse as he learned to roll-over and then crawl. I never knew a king-sized bed could be so small!

    He has slept with us the past few days because he has a cold and I wanted to elevate his head a bit and I hate it. Kicking me in the stomach, sleeping darn near horizontally (!), drooling all over my pillow, my fears of rolling over on him. It was better when he was tiny and we had the little co-sleeper thing.

  3. sherri says:

    Do those sleepers really work? I’m thinking Jacob will figure out a way to flop my way with his entire body instead of just an arm/leg here and there. When he sleeps with us, inevitably he is practically horizontal across the bed while the two of us hug the sides and pray we don’t sneeze and fall over the side.

  4. Icey1273 says:

    Babe slept with us for a while and it was the best for both of us!! I made due with the kicking cause once she was snuggled in my bosom it was off to dream land!

  5. pserendipity says:

    Wait till she’s 5 and comes and gets in your bed in the middle of the night. You think you’re begging for mercy now???

  6. Shea says:

    I have one of those sleepers and it worked great. Unfortunately my little amazon grew out of it MONTHS ago. I also think there’s an age limit on there anyway.

    We’ve been bedsharing from the start. I’ve been trying to put her in her crib as of late, but she ain’t having it. The crying is the pits. Coming from the other side of the spectrum, if you already have her used to being in her bed, don’t let her into yours. You think you weren’t sleeping before…

    • keyalus says:

      I had something very similar too. I loved it when he was young but I think it only lasted until he was 4 months or so. Check the weight limit if you consider something like this Babs!

  7. ondrea says:

    I love the way you tell a story! I hope the co-sleeping thing works and Foxy gives you a little more space in “her” bed. LOL

  8. krissy says:

    I agree, if she’s already been in her bed, don’t switch her up now. I think the best option would be a pack n play and have it in ur room next to your bed. That way you only have to go a few feet instead of to another room. Princess J sleeps in hers and she loves it. She has one at my parents house and at my bff”s house.

  9. Sheena says:

    Try a bedside crib: Place the crib next to your bed but drop one side for access to her. Worked for me when I had my kid. Plus I had no choice, I lived in a one bedroom.
    Or you could try a co-sleeper bassinet:

  10. Bell says:

    “So I think I will do the co-sleeping thing for a couple of weeks and see how it works out. I just need to figure out how to let her know it’s MY bed and I deserve at least 40 percent of the space.”

    Yeah, let me know how that goes!!!

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